Photographic memory 2017

It’s that time of the year – when Blogless Anna lets me take over her blog to share my favorite photos.

This year I noticed that you could be mistaken for thinking that Anna lives in Ballarat rather than the leafy inner suburbs of Melbourne – with Ballarat and surrounds featuring very heavily in this year’s posts!

Among all the gorgeous new makes are a few favorite accessories – beads, scarves and shoes, including my favorites – her mustard wedges.

Thanks for all the lovely comments – Anna and I read them all on the blog and Instagram – and for coming along on the Blogless Anna journey.

So here they are, in no particular order, my top 10 photos from 2017.

Pattern Fantastique's Aeolian Tee with modified sleeves

Laughing in leaves at Daylesford

Ok, I have a confession. Although I said the photos were in no particular order, this is my ABSOLUTE favorite photo from the year. I only wish I could remember what we were laughing about……

StyleArc's Tully Pant

In the city near the fountain

Anna and I ventured out recently, without,  SHOCK, HORROR – her camera!! And I was FORCED to take these on the iPhone. As you may know I am generally quite particular about no-one else being in my photos. This proved quite tricky at the gardens, and we did have to wait quite a long time while two girls and a guy took about a MILLION photos of themselves inside the fountain. But finally it was our turn. Although if you look closely you may see a random person has, sadly, slipped into the shot.

True Bias' Hudson Pant

On the lake with swans

Sometimes when I am photographing, Anna has to remind me what we are actually photographing….. “Ah, Sharon, we are photographing the pants, not the top,” she will say.  This was one such occasion where I got carried away with the scenery and you can’t actually SEE much of the outfit, but I think it’s a LOVELY photo of Anna at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat.

Tessuti's Syndey Jacket

Leaning against the fence in Daylesford

One Friday afternoon Anna and I met in Daylesford. We did have plans for lunch at the Lake House, but couldn’t quite squeeze that in. This photo was taken at the back of a house that backs onto the Lake  (where we could see the Lake House – so near and yet so far….) but looks like we are out in the bush.

Named Saunio Cardigan

Hanging out in the Cloth Shop

This year I finally got to meet the Lovely Kim (with a capital L) at the Cloth Shop in Ivanhoe. You could tell that Anna was very much at home among the beautiful bolts of fabric. Lovely Kim, and a random customer, were roped in to help with some of the shots, because I’m like that…..

Megan Nielsen's Reef Shorts & Nani Iro Top (Pattern D)

On the motorbike

I love that Anna is pretty much up for anything. When we spotted this motorcycle we looked at each other and she said “you want me to hop on that don’t you?” Ah, she knows me well. Rock chick Anna, and oh my goodness, those pins!!


Shadows on the wall at Ballarat

Anna and I spend a LOT of time looking at the weather and the sun and the shadows to find the right moment to go out and take photos. This was late in the day at the Ballarat Civic Hall, when the shadows were our friend.


Walking past the old house in Ballarat

This old shop is a bit of a landmark in Soldiers Hill.  When I am out and about in Ballarat I am often spotting locations for photos, and was keen to photograph Anna here. The evening light meant Anna glowed.

A mash-up of McCalls 5079 (View B) and the Karl Dress
Stonewall at Creswick

We tried several locations in Creswick before we decided on this wall. We went to the train station, we stopped at a beautiful tree, we looked at old buildings, before we spotted this stonewall – part of the tourist information centre!

M6992 (View D)

Anna’s bottom over the waves

In July Anna and I carted our children to Warrnambool for the week. We set ourselves up at opposite ends of the table, she sewing away and me writing wedding ceremonies on my laptop. Before we parted there was time for one more photograph. Although you cannot see her gorgeous face, I love how it shows Anna standing up against the fierce waves – and of course, she has the BEST LEGS!

And that’s my top 10 for 2017. See you next year……. Sharon xx

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