TAL Cuff Top

I’m an avid seamstress, leatherwork enthusiast, knitter of a plethora of beanies, blogger and the designer of the Genoa Tote and Apertio Pouch (free pattern).  I’m also a self-confessed all-or-nothing person, a lover of scarves and a recovering perfectionist.

Predominately self-taught, I love a challenge and continue to expand my knowledge and skills through interaction with the sewing community, pattern testing, and technical editing for a handful of independent designers.

In recent years, my multi-talented friend Sharon has been my blog photographer, location scout and stylist.  It’s a creative collaboration that we both enjoy.

I love sharing my sewing knowledge in the classroom and my sewing adventures here and via Instagram.

During the fourth quarter of 2020 I built an online store for The Cloth Shop (my local fabric store) and I now work there on Thursdays during term time.  If you are in the area, please pop in and say Hi.  Be warned, I do love a good fabric and sewing chat!

And the name, which I know makes no sense at all…  Well, I attended a Sewing Meet-Up in Melbourne in August 2012 and other bloggers were introducing themselves as such-and-such from such-and-such blog.  To keep the theme running, I introduced myself as Anna, Blogless Anna.  A month later when I finally took the leap and started my sewing blog, I thought I’d keep the joke running.

StyleArc's Gem Knit Tee