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What a year… what a fabulous year!  2016 has been good to me.  It was the year when my beloved hobby turned into micro business.  I still get a thrill when I see all the Genoa Totes that you’re making.  Thank-you for the lovely feedback and your enthusiasm for this pattern and the leather handle kits.  A big thank-you also goes to Pattern Fantastique for collaborating with me to make the Genoa Tote into a product.

Genoa Tote - Large

2016 has also seen me step out of my comfort zone and return to standing in front of a group of people and sharing my knowledge.  I did a lot of training/teaching in my paid work before children (mainly teaching lawyers to research using online tools) and I forgot how much I enjoyed it.  Teaching sewing is of course ten times more fun!  If you’re interested in a Genoa Tote class I’m at Treehouse Textiles on January 20th.  The February Genoa Tote class at The Cloth Shop is full and the March 25th class is booking up fast, so if you’re interested, please ring 9499 8118 for more information and/or bookings.

anna teaching
Source:  The Craft Sessions

My sewing highlights, in no particular order, for 2016 are as follows.

Union Street Tee – My week of tees in May (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday) was a huge but fun undertaking.  The Union Street Tee came out a clear winner, but an honorable mention must go to the Lark Tee which has had a lot of wear despite being a little snug when I first put it on.

Hey June's Union Street Tee

Karl – A new silhouette for me, but one that I love.  I have worn this dress out to many an evening function. It has filled a whole in my wardrobe that I didn’t even know I had!  I see a striped version in my future.


Falda Jacket – This pattern is so well drafted and such fun.  It’s also my blog post with the most hits in 2016.

Pattern Fantastique's Falda Jacket

Aeolian Dress/Tee – my love for this pattern just keeps growing.  My favourite Aeolians this year were all wovens… a silk tee in all the colours, a grey tunic with modified sleeves and liberty binding, and my denim-blocked dress with self drafted facings and a pocket.

Pattern Fantastique's Aeolian Tee Shirt Dress in Silk

Pattern Fantastique Aeolian Tunic with modified sleeves

Pattern Fantastique's Aeolian Dress in denim

Winter Wrap – This wrap was a labour of love as I hand stitched six and a half metres of wool binding around the edges, but it was so worth it.  It’s a great extra layer when heading out in the evenings and travelling as it’s warm without a lot of bulk.  I just pity the poor restaurant staff who offer to take my jacket and then have no idea how to hang it up!

Winter Wrap

This basket weave scarf might just be the favourite thing that I’ve ever knitted.  I love the colour, the texture and it just seems to go with so many things in my wardrobe.  I have another basket weave scarf on my needles at the moment… although, it’s a little neglected.  Sewing will always be my first love!

Genoa Tote - Large

In 2016, I returned to sewing for my girls and my nieces after a break of several years.  Our favourite patterns have been the Mini Hudson Pant, the Lunch Box Tee and the Groove Dress.  I don’t blog their makes anymore, but I usually take a snap and share it on Instagram.

What’s in store for 2017…

  • A trip to Sydney for Frocktails on Feb 18th.
  • Another Restash event.  To be held at the same location (Fairfield) on a Saturday afternoon in February/March/April.  I already have a pile of fabric and patterns to contribute!
  • The Sew Melbourne Garden Party on March 19th
  • Hopefully some more collaborations with Pattern Fantastique.  At this point in time we’re not short on the ideas, just short on the time to execute!
  • A better strike rate.  I’m hoping to toile more to ensure that what I make has longevity in my wardrobe.  I’m such a perfectionist and if there is anything not quite right with a garment, I don’t wear it, and it gets given away.  I’ve made 45 garments for myself this year and only 35 remain in my wardrobe.  I aiming for some much better statistics in 2017.  Wish me luck!
  • A family holiday to Europe and the UK in the September/October.  A spot of fabric buying and a sewing catch-up are already on the agenda!
  • More sleep, lots of steps & a quieter mind.  The latter is always the biggest challenge for me.

A round-up of the year can’t proceed without a huge shout-out to my dear friend Sharon for her photography and styling expertise.  She has a knack of bringing the best out in me… not an easy task for this camera shy lass.  Did you catch Sharon’s post yesterday where she shared her ten favourite photos of the year?  And, if you’re looking for a wedding celebrant I can recommend Sharon without hesitation.

And to you my readers, who I feel very connected to…  Thanks for reading my ramblings and taking the time to comment.  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… Instagram is a super fun place to hang out, but my blog still has a special place in my heart.

Happy New Year to all.  Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come….


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