It’s hip to be square


I’ve a new appreciation for a good quality ponte, so when I saw this light-weight patterned ponte with great drape at The Cloth Shop (sold out), I knew it would make the perfect pair of Hudson Pants.


As drafted, I found my first pair of Hudson’s to have a very low rise.  Call me old fashioned, but I prefer my ‘bottom halves’ to sit at or around belly button.

Interestingly though, even with the low rise, I have wore this first pair of Hudson’s a lot… mainly in the house, but none-the-less a lot.  They’ve helped me regain an appreciation and fondness for lounge wear!


In January, I attended a full day class at The Cloth Shop where Kim M helped me fit my Reef Shorts and alter the Hudson Pant pattern to increase the front rise by 1 inch (2.5cm) and the back rise by 3/8″ (1cm) without interfering with the pockets.


I cut the altered pattern out in April to take with me on a sewing weekend and it turns out that these Hudson Pants were the only project I didn’t get to that weekend… which probably had more to do with what colour thread was in the overlocker than anything else!

A commitment to regularly walk with one of my sister-in-laws gave me the impetus to finally sew them up.. and I’m so pleased I did.  The fit is just perfect and the comfort factor is high!


Patterned pants are not my usual style, although I have dabbled with them before.  Would you agree that a geometric print on a black background is a ‘safe’ option when entering new styling territory?

The verdict… I feel hip and not a bit square when I wear these pants.  I think the swan approves of them too!


Pattern:  True Bias’ Hudson Pant
Ponte from The Cloth Shop (sold out)
Increased the front rise by 1″ (2.5cm) and the back rise by 3/8″ (1cm).  Added 3/8″ (1cm) to the cuff width.  Left off the drawstring and the waistband stitching.
Accessories:  Liberty fleece Linden, scarf from Scarlet Jones and shoes from Ecco.
Lake Wendouree, Ballarat


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  • You look fabulous in your Hudson pants. I agree with you, the fit is “spot on” and your fabric choice is wonderful.

  • Great combo! The pants are flattering, which I think loungewear should be! I loved my Hudson pants. If I could find fabric that held up like my RTW versions, I’d sew another pair!

    • I sympathise with you on the fabric front Sarah. Finding good quality fabric for loungewear is challenging. I hope some magically comes to you as sewing Hudson’s is very satisfying.

  • Correction: the *cutting-edge cygne noir* approves — and so do I.

  • I’m so pleased to have found your blog, Anna – you make exactly the kind of clothes I want to wear :-). I love your Hudson’s, they’re next on my to-make list. I don’t normally wear patterned pants either but yours definitely work so I’m less nervous now about my own choice of fabric too (dark blue floral french terry). I plan to alter the rise too – any chance you could share how to do this without interfering with the pockets? Thanks a mil.

    • Hi Clare. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I altered the rise with the slash and spread method of adding length. So I didn’t have to change the pockets, I did the slashing and spreading on the front piece below the pocket line. Hhhhmmmm how about I take a photo during daylight and email it to you?

  • They’re winners! So how did the clever Kim increase the front rise without changing pockets? Was the length added at the bottom of the front rise curve?

    • You’re right… Kim is clever and yes, it was added at the bottom on the front rise curve. Look at us talking crotches again!

  • Excellent pants Anna and thanks fir taunting us w missed shopping opportunities! Our friends kive in the street opp that lake!
    Myself, not such a flower fan, but these in an abstract, right up my alley! Mwah from Sydney. X

    • I’m such a tease aren’t I? My auntie and uncle lived in a street off the lake when I was a teenager. I’ve walked that lake many a time in my youth!

  • So cute – I love the squares! The Hudson pant is a favorite around here – I’ve made them for myself, my son, and my grandson! As you did, I added to the rise on mine, but the guys love the low-rise fit.

    • It’s such a great pattern isn’t it Coco. I’ve made several pairs of Hudson’s for my girls and when they grow out of them my niece is waiting eagerly in the wings to claim them as her own!

  • Darn if I’m not searching for the perfect dark background, geometric print ponte or jacquard knit right now…
    Love these. They look exceedingly comfy but that butt view is super flattering. Rare example of track pants that can have permission to leave the house! 🙂

    • Yep, these Hudson’s have a leaving the house pass… and not just to collect the mail! If only I could magic up some more of this delicious ponte for you right now… I would!

  • fab, these look great. works really well with your amazing sweatshirt.

  • These are so cool-always wished i could make my own clothes!