Silk ensemble


For me Frocktails is an excellent excuse to sew silk and let’s be honest, a chance to be a little bit daring.


I’m really pleased with how my Sydney Frocktails (February 2017) outfit came together.  I did have doubts, but I think the pj vibe was put to rest with heels, beads and make-up.


The top, ‘Pattern D’ from the now out-of-print original Nani Iro book, has only three pattern pieces – front, back and bias binding.  It’s the same pattern I used to make my houses top which I wear ALL the time!


This time around, I removed 4 inches (10 cm) from the width of the top and the length is as drafted.  I used French seams and double-fold hems, so there are pretty insides (not shown).



Speaking of pretty insides, I hand-stitched down the facings on the Reef Shorts.  I thought the abstract print on these shorts wouldn’t require any fussy cutting, but it wasn’t until I’d sewed them up that a green snake suddenly appeared on the front of my right leg.  Isn’t it lucky I can laugh about these things!


I truly love the Reef Shorts pattern.  The style is great, those curved hems are so flattering, and now that I’ve tweaked the pattern to fit me (hello flat bottom adjustment) we are a match made in heaven!


I can report that I was totally comfortable in my silk top and shorts all night.  I had a great time catching up with those I already knew, meeting online friends in real life and of course making new friends.  Caz from Useful Box did a fabulous job organising the night.  She secured some great prizes, we had awesome discount vouchers in our goodies bag and her lovely husband took loads of top notch photos which you can all enjoy via the #sydneyfrocktails hashtag on Instagram.


Top Pattern:  Pattern D from the originial Nani Iro book (free version available on the Nani Iro website… click on Woman T-shirt)
Size:  Small
Fabric:  SDC Silk from Franke, House of Stuart.
Alterations:  Removed 4″ (10cm) from the width of the top.  Finished the neckline with bias binding.

Shorts Pattern:  Megan Nielsen’s Reef Camisole and Shorts Set (Version 2)
Size:  XS
Fabric:  Silk/Lycra from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  Left off the pockets, removed 3/4″ (2cm) from the width of the back pattern piece & hem facing, added 3/8″ (1 cm) to back side seam tapering to nothing at the hips, altered the waistband to reflect those changes and slightly lengthened the crotch curve.

Accessories:  Black beads from Scarlet Jones and shoes from Florsheim.
Location: Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne


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  • These look great together! Heels always remove any pyjama vibe 🙂 not sure I met you at frocktails but it’s a great look – totally inspired for separates next time…

    • Hi Chloe. I don’t think we crossed paths at the event, but I’ll be sure to track you down next time and check out your separates. Although I love a dress, separates do provide more options. I can see myself getting a little more wear out of this top than the shorts!

  • What a cute outfit! I love the colours and the print on the shorts is gorgeous Perfectly chic and the heels part-ay it all up. I love your whole outfit actually!

    • Thanks Carolyn. In my opinion, the print has a very Picasso vibe. I love any chance to wear lots of colour!

  • Lovely ensemble! Perfect fabric marriage too. I love how you wore shorts to a frock event, you rebel!

    • I’m such a rebel… actually, not usually, but every now and then I do like to push the boundaries of expected.

    • In that motorbike photo a fag hanging out of the corner of my mouth wouldn’t be out of place… but that’s NEVER going to happen!

  • Oh silk! How luxurious! The colours suit you so well.

    • Thanks Jenya. Silk is such a beast of the fabric to sew (speaking generally), but oh so heavenly to wear.

  • Just lovely. I love the colour of the top and the cheeky snake is a charmer!

    • I think I’ll get lots of wear out of the top, not sure about the shorts though. Anyway, it was a fun outfit to sew and wear at Frocktails.

  • Love the silhouette of these shorts on you – even more so in what immediately springs to mind as the ‘toucan fabric’ silk – it’s fabulous!!!

  • Very Picasso, and I think he would have approved of the absinthe green trouser snake! (Thank goodness it wasn’t front and centre).
    You are so rock. Only playboy bunnies and bliglessAnna can do heels with pyjamas and you do it best!
    Now you’ve got me thinking you didn’t even know the bike’s owner but just sweet talked them into letting you pose on their bike. 🙂

    • Although not ideally placed, as you suggested the green snake could have been in a much worse position! Confession… I didn’t even know the bike owner. It was just parked on the street in front of an apartment building… Naughtly me!

  • So bright and cheerful – just like you! I think it’s the perfect pair of secret, oh so stylish pyjamas. Seriously who doesn’t want to get away with wearing shorts to a cocktail event?

    • I’m blushing! And yes, I’m now wondering what else I can get away with… could this be the perfect outfit for the school ball later this year?

  • Gorgeous outfit, what a great idea to wear with heels, looks fo fresh. Your photos are amazing as always.

  • silk is always a winner! I love how that colourful print goes with the big block of red (gorgeous red) Beautiful outfit!

  • Lovely look!
    The fabric you picked for the skirt is so fun!!