Fibre Mood Madou Jacket

The year has nearly finished and I’m reasonably up to date with my blogging… except for a pattern test I can’t show you yet, an Assembly Line Cuff Top that was a sample at work and my Fibre Mood Polly Dress sewn from linen scraps.  It seems a good time to reflect on my year of sewing and celebrate Sharon’s fabulous photography.

Firstly, there was a new pose!

The Assembly Line's Almost Long Trousers

Jersey Dress based on StyleArc's Gem Knit Tee

Pattern M from Machiko Kayaki’s book with the translated title ‘Clothes That Look Beautiful’ (ISBN 978-4-579-11568-6).

Pattern Fantastique's Terra Pant

And photo shoot laughs are always guaranteed as Sharon knows that it helps me relax.

Pattern Fantastique's Glacial Tee

Fibre Mood Madou Jacket

Paper Theory's LB Pullover (modified)

Ottobre Design Kids Fashion 3/2015 Sun Bright Brimmed Hat

StyleArc's Gem Knit Tee

This year I had a bit of the breakthrough on the pant sewing front.  I have worn both my pairs of Barry Pants a lot.  The linen ones were in my suitcase everytime I travelled to warmer climates, and my cord pair were in regular rotation in my winter work wardrobe.  I have a third pair cut and ready to sew!

StyleArc's Barry Pant

StyleArc's Barry Woven Pant

Pattern Fantastique’s Terra Pants were also highlight sew of the year.  They are a different silhouette to my usual, but they have seamlessly slipped into my wardrobe.  Hilariously, it wasn’t until I shared these pants with the sewing community that I found out that the pleats are facing the opposite way to the pattern.  No harm done, I like them like this!

Pattern Fantastique's Terra Pant

In 2022, my love of both sewing and wearing shirts has increased.  The Assembly Line’s Oversized Shirt was the first one that found it’s way into my wardrobe this year, and more recently, Paper Theory’s Olya Shirt was added.  Love them both!

The Assembly Line's Oversized Shirt

The Assembly Line's Oversized Shirt



StyleArc’s Verona Woven Top also makes my favourite makes list for 2022.  I used some precious Japanese linen and tried a new to me pattern, so it was a pleasing result.  I always drawn to a raglan sleeve, a slightly cropped top and big energy sleeves!

StyleArc's Verona Top

I sewed The Assembly Line’s Cuff Dress to take on a Queensland holiday in September.  I love the silhouette, the seersucker fabric and the fit.  Beryl gives it the claws up too!

The Assembly Line's Cuff Dress


I know this is just a simple tee, and the fit isn’t even perfect, but StyleArc’s Gem Knit Tee makes my favourite makes of 2022 list.  I think it’s a combination of the digitally printed jersey and that I’ve styled it in a way that feels very me.  The ace antique jewellery doesn’t go astray either!

StyleArc's Gem Knit Tee

StyleArc's Gem Knit Tee

Putting this year in review together, makes me appreciate even more the amazing photos that Sharon takes… but it’s not just the photos, Sharon’s styling advice is always spot on, she great at finding blog shoot locations and without her I daresay there wouldn’t be a Blogless Anna blog!

And finally, a big thank-you to all my readers.  Thanks for hanging out here, for your comments, advice and encouragement.  I really enjoy telling the story of my me-mades as much as I love sewing and wearing them!  Happy New Year to all… and see you in 2023!

Papercut Pattern's Nova Coat

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