Pattern Fantastique's Aeolian Tee with modified sleeves

My goal for 2017 was to slow down, to toile, to improve my fitting knowledge and sew things that I loved and would stay in my wardrobe for years to come.  I think I made good progress towards this goal.  This year,

  • I sewed 30 items, which was 20 less than the previous year
  • I re-homed 5 garments due to fit and/or style issues – it’s good to experiment, but experiments don’t always work!
  • I tackled my first a flat bottom adjustment
  • I started doing forward shoulder adjustments on all my tops with great success, and
  • I wrote a tutorial on hemming tricky knits.

Schneidernmeistern's Timpe Tee


M6992 (View D)

My highlights for the year, in no particular order:


I was lucky enough to attend two Frocktails events in two cities this year.  In February, I ventured up to Sydney Frocktails and bravely sported some silk Reef Shorts and a modified ‘Pattern D’ from the now out-of-print original Nani Iro book.  Melbourne Frocktails was a more recent event, and just as much fun.  I sewed a pair of Tully Pants and re-wore my Sydney Frocktails tops.  It was a good reminder we don’t have to make a whole new outfit for each sewing event we attend.

Megan Nielsen's Reef Shorts & Nani Iro Top (Pattern D)

Megan Nielsen's Reef Shorts & Nani Iro Top (Pattern D)

StyleArc's Tully Pant

StyleArc's Tully Pant


My boiled wool/viscose Saunio Cardigan was just the pop of colour that my winter wardrobe needed this year.  I wore it often with jeans, ankle boots, my two ponte McCalls 7059 tops (striped version and botanical version) and of course a colourful scarf and bright lipstick.

Named Saunio Cardigan

Named Saunio Cardigan


M7059 View D

M7059 View D

Falda Jacket

I’m so proud of this jacket and I wear it a lot.  It was an essential part of my travel wardrobe for our Europe/UK family holiday in September.  I think it’s one of those pieces that will be in my wardrobe for years and years to come.  I’m also predicting it will get better as it ages.

Pattern Fantastique's Falda Jacket

Pattern Fantastique's Falda Jacket

Demin ponte dress

There is a lot to love about this dress.  Easy to wash and wear, suitable for all occasions (I’ve worn it to a funeral, a 70th birthday celebration and out to dinner with girlfriends) and it’s comfortable to boot!  I’m not usually a pattern masher, so I was very pleased how easy to was to blend the McCall’s 7059 with the skirt of the Karl Dress.  I’m looking forward to wearing this dress again when the weather cools down.

A mash-up of McCalls 5079 (View B) and the Karl Dress

A mash-up of McCalls 5079 (View B) and the Karl Dress


I have a serious crush on the Sadie Tunic, which I shortened to a top.  The style, the fit and those amazing sleeves.  I adore my mustard linen version and I predict more Sadie’s in my near future.  Okay, I’ve already sewn another one, but it hasn’t made it to the blog yet.  Sneak peek here.

StyleArc's Sadie Tunic

StyleArc's Sadie Tunic

A round-up of the year can’t proceed without a huge shout-out to my dear friend Sharon for her photography and styling expertise.  I really don’t think I would have a blog anymore without Sharon.  We have a lot of fun brainstorming blog photo shoot locations, styling my me-made items and of course taking the photos.  It really is a creative collaboration and there are lots of laughs along the way.

And to you my readers, who I feel very connected to, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment both here and on Instagram.  I feel blessed to be able to share my hobby with like-minded people all over the world.

There are lots of things to look forward to in 2018, but I already know that teaching at Soul Craft Festival is going to be a highlight.  I’m teaching three masterclasses:

Tickets to the Soul Craft Festival can be purchased here.  Will I see you there?

Happy New Year to all.

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  • Well done Anna. So good to have specific goals for your sewing projects. That is a fantastic achievement to have finished over 20 garments. I haven’t managed nearly that number but was v pleased to sew beautiful linen Tessuti Shirts for both my sister and sister in law for their birthdays . They both loved them and wear them. Happy sewing in 2018, I will have to think of some goals for myself as far as sewing goes this coming year!

    • Shirts are on my 2018 agenda. I’m going to revisit Tessuti’s Jac Shirt. I think your sister and sister-in-law are very lucky to have you to sew them delicious birthday presents.

  • Who could feel anything but awe and wonder–at your many, many, many accomplishments. It’s been truly exciting–and occasionally amusing (see the pajama-pant files)–watching you tackle challenge after challenge and become a very accomplished sewist.Thank you for making my year that much brighter (much needed, American here). And Happy New Year. Your fan, jd. PS Welt pockets–WOW!

    • Jane, you say the sweetest things. Ahhh yes, the PJ files were fun. A great photo location too. Happy new year to your too. Here’s hope that 2018 is a little bit brighter for everyone in the world.

  • I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the beautiful clothes that you make. Wishing you all the very best for 2018.

    • Happy new year to you too Anna. My 2018 has already been very productive. Brace yourself for an blogging onslaught…

  • Happy New Year, Anna 🙂 Here’s to 2018 being just as amazing as 2017! x

  • A great year lovely, and so great to share much of it in person with you xxx