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This is the third time I’ve sewn this Japanese pattern and I think I have finally nailed it!  What is the pattern you ask?  It’s Pattern E – Blouse with Frilled Sleeve from Happy Homemade Vol. 1 – Treasured Collection by Yoshiko Tsukiori (ISBN 9780143203964).  One of the handful of Japanese sewing books that has been translated into English.




For version three I went up a size, did my usual forward shoulder adjustment, a broad back alteration and added 1″ (2.5cm) to the length of the frill.  The broad back alteration was because I couldn’t drive the car in my last version (which now lives with Sharon) as my arm movement was slightly restricted, and that my readers, drives (pardon the pun) me nuts!

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For the curious amongst you, version two can be seen here and version one here.  And I’m blushing if you look at version one as it was from the days when Mr Blogless Anna took my photos and I tended to scowl when show casing my makes!

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The two details that set this top apart from a woven tee is the little cuff that the frill protrudes from on the sleeve and the gathering in the front neckline.

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If you asked, I would have said I purchased this fabric 12-18 months ago, but Instagram informs me it was actually 2.5yrs ago!

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The fabric is a lovely lightweight digital printed ramie from work (The Cloth Shop).  This print has sold out, but there are a few other options currently available.  Ramie is an eco-friendly fibre that is derived from a plant in the nettle family, it does not require pesticides or herbicides to grow healthily and can be harvested up to six times a year.  It is also a lovely fabric to sew and wear and it softens with washing.  A previous ramie make of mine can be viewed here.

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I probably should have mentioned at the start of this blog that this is a Sew Japanese in January (SJIJ) make.  What is Sew Japanese in January? It’s an Instagram hashtag #sewjapaneseinjanuary to inspire and motivate people to sew from their Japanese pattern and/or fabric stash during the month of January.  There are no sponsors or giveaways, it’s a community event on Instagram that anyone can join in.  To account for seasonal differences between hemispheres #sewjapaneseinjuly is a thing too!  I encourage you to look at both the hashtags as there are lots of inspiring makes from sewists around the globe.

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Pattern:  Pattern E – Blouse with Frilled Sleeve from Happy Homemade Vol. 1 – Treasured Collection (translated into English) by Yoshiko Tsukiori (ISBN 9780143203964).
Size:  12
Fabric:  Digitally printed ramie from The Cloth Shop (work) [sold out]
Alterations:  3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment, a 3/8″ (1cm) broad back adjustment and added 1″ (2.5cm) to the length of the sleeve frill.
Outfit:  Linen Barry Pants, mustard wedges purchased from Siricco years & years ago, and sea glass earring by Susan Ewington
Photo Location:  Flinders

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