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I sometimes procrastinate on those slightly trickier sewing projects.  You know that ones that will possibly require a bit of fitting, or you will need to pay close attention to the instructions, or there are new-to-you techniques or ones that you don’t sew often (hello zipper fly front)?  Can you relate?


But when I do take the time to make a more time consuming project, like Pattern Fantastique’s Terra Pant, the sewing high is real and has longevity!


I sewed a size 10 and made the following adjustments:

    • Added 1 cm (3/8″) to the waistband length and eased it on without issue.  This was a precautionary measure because I don’t like tight waistbands.


    • Added 4cm (1. 1/4″) to the length of the pant so I could wear them cuffed


  • Shaved 1cm off the back inseam, tapering to nothing at the back inseam notch, as a ‘fast method’ flat seat adjustment (as per Closest Core Pattern’s diagram below).

Flat seat Adjustment // Pants Fitting Adjustments // Closet Core Patterns
Image Source:  Closet Core Patterns Blog – https://blog.closetcorepatterns.com/pants-fitting-adjustments-best-tips-for-pants-fitting/


Clearly, there is still a bit of room in the upper leg, which is accentuated when I stick my hands in my pockets (photo below) but this is definitely the style of the pant.


And they sit beautifully when I’m on the move!


The fabric is a lovely medium weight organic Japanese denim from The Cloth Shop (work) in the navy colourway.  This fabric also comes in black, mustard and light blue.  Available in store, by phone and hopefully online soon!


I used some Nani Iro cotton sateen scraps for the pockets and I feel joy every-time I see or feel them.  Speaking of pockets, have you noticed from the photos that I can’t keep my hands out of them?  They are just so inviting!




The buttonhole caused me some issues.  For this first time ever, I accidentally nicked the stitches with the buttonhole chisel (oophs!) and had to do a repair job by hand.  Also, you could see the white interfacing I used on the waistband peeking out, but I soon sorted that with a navy permanent marker!

After seeing these photos and wearing my Terra’s a few times, I’m also going to shift the button to my right, which will resolve (see photo below) those little drag lines (see earlier photos) under the waistband.


Styling these Terra Pants has been a learning curve.  I’m finding that to balance the volume I prefer tighter fitting tops that easily tuck in and I wear these with cropped jackets or jumpers as an outer layer.  When warmer weather descends on the Southern Hemisphere, I’m going to try tucking in some floaty tops as I think they’ll also work with this silhouette.


I’m very pleased with this make and I’m already planning another pair.


Pattern: Pattern Fantastique’s Terra Pant
Organic Japanese denim from The Cloth Shop (work)
Alterations:  Lengthened the waistband by 1cm (3/8″), added 4cm (1 1/4″) to the length and performed a ‘fast method’ flat seat adjustment
Outfit: Top & scarf from Scarlet Jones (many years ago) and boots from Obus (several years ago)
Location:  Wombat Hill, Daylesford


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  • Your blog posts are always interesting, Anna. The pants fitting techniques are a real eye opener for me.

  • Wonderful on you and great job. I have the pattern, love the style but I am having a hard time diving in. The size recommendations differ as to where you want the waistband to sit and so I dither on sizing. I hope this is not too forward, but am wondering if you would share any info on your approximate measurements in light of your chosen size 10? Thank you kindly for any guidance. Susan

    • Hi Susan. My hips are in the size 8 bracket and my waist is closer to a size 12 (I’m not curvy!). I was able to try on a size 10 sample at work (The Cloth Shop in Ivanhoe, Melbourne) and it fitted well, but I wanted a little bit more room in the waist… so I added the 1cm that I mentioned in my post. I hope that helps.

  • I love the Terra pants and have made many. These look great on you. One small change – the front pleats fold inward not outward.

    • Thanks for letting me know Laura. I had no idea. I don’t dislike them this way, but I think I’ll do them as drafted next time!