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Sewing and Knitting - 24 of 24

I think it’s fair to say that Barry and I are firm friends.  Barry who you ask?  StyleArc’s Barry Pants.  This is my third pair of Barry Pants and my other two get a lot of wear.

Sewing and Knitting - 16 of 24

Sewing and Knitting - 14 of 24

Are you ready for a short trip down memory lane?  Version 1 in a lightweight linen

StyleArc's Barry Pant

StyleArc's Barry Pant

Version 2 in fine wale corduroy

StyleArc's Barry Woven Pant

StyleArc's Barry Woven Pant

For Version 3, I used a medium weight (250gsm) washed linen from work, and dare I say, it’s the perfect pant weight.

Sewing and Knitting - 3 of 24

All my pattern musing and alterations can be viewed on my first post, so it’s just time for more photos now!

Sewing and Knitting - 8 of 24

Sewing and Knitting - 7 of 24

Sewing and Knitting - 9 of 24

Sewing and Knitting - 1 of 24

Sewing and Knitting - 23 of 24

Sewing and Knitting - 4 of 24

Pattern:  StyleArc’s Barry Pant (purchased from work)
Size:  10
Fabric:  Westwood Washed Linen from The Cloth Shop (work)
Alterations:  I added a wedge to the front rise that was 1″ (2.5cm) at the centre front and 1/2″ (1.3cm) and the side seam… and trued as required.  I also added 1/2″ (1.3cm) to the back rise.
Outfit:  Pattern E – Blouse with Frilled Sleeve from Happy Homemade Vol. 1 – Treasured Collection, mustard wedges purchased from Siricco years & years ago, and sea glass earring by Susan Ewington
Photo Location:  Flinders

Sewing and Knitting - 6 of 24

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