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My friend Nita-Jane from Pattern Fantastique released the Harmonic Set last month and I love both the considered design, which is “a tribute to flag symbology and 70’s disco glam”, and the uniqueness of these pieces when worn separately or together.

Harmonic Set - Top & Skirt, two in one PDF Sewing Pattern

I sewed the Harmonic Top and Skirt as part of the testing process late last year.  It’s definitely not a fast sew, but when you think about all the different elements, and the fact you are sewing two garments, it was always going to take some time.

I will confess sewing the neckline facing to the right side of a garment was a bit of a mind bend… but the detailed instructions and accompanying diagrams guided me well.

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I sewed a size 10 as per my measurements and performed my usual 3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder alteration.  I also lowered the position of the neckline ties by 1cm as I don’t like having anything tight or restricted around the base of my neck.  Looking at these photos, that adjustment was probably unnecessary.

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Personally, I think the figure eight neckline is genius.  Yes, it’s a little lower than I normally wear, and I need to be mindful of which bra I choose, but the neckline is so striking and it really elevates the garment, so all is forgiven.  Plus, I think it’s good to try things that might be a little out of your comfort zone!

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The multiple channels of narrow elastic in both the sleeves cuffs and skirt waist create such wonderful texture.  I did find that threading the narrow elastic into the skirt stretched the elastic out and I needed to shortened the recommended lengths by 4″ (10cm).

My top tip for the elastic in the skirt is to give it a good press after the skirt is finished to compress the gathers.  No-one needs extra bulk around their middle!

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Speaking of tips, fabric choice for this project is important.  I used a lightweight linen (130gsm) from The Cloth Shop (work).  It’s the perfect fabric for this project as it’s lightweight enough for the gathers, but has enough structure to hold the waves.  It’s also important to note that some of the pattern pieces are cut on the cross grain to reduce fabric consumption, so directional prints are not advised.

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When sewing those waves you do require A LOT of pins and a bit of patience.  I did have to unpick and redo a few sections where I accidentally created a little tuck.  Practice makes improvement right?

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Does the skirt have pockets?  Of course it does!  The pocket construction was a new-to-me method, but it makes perfect sense for a voluminous skirt with lots of gathers at the waist.  I always enjoy learning new things.

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I love these pieces together, but I also think I will get a wear from them as separates.

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In my eyes, the Harmonic Top pairs beautifully with denim… and I do love to wear jeans!

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The Harmonic Skirt and my Nani Iro double gauze Cuff Top became friends.

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The final word… this was a very rewarding sew that resulted in two unique garments that can be worn together or separately.  Happy days!

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Pattern:  Pattern Fantastique’s Harmonic Set
Size:  10
Fabric:  Lightweight linen from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment, lowered the positioning of the neck ties by 3/8″ (1cm) and shortened the elastic lengths in the skirt by 4″ (10cm) after they stretched out.
Outfit 1:  Harmonic Top & Skirt worn with slides from Radical Yes
Outfit 2:  Harmonic Top and RTW jeans purchased from Scarlet Jones (ages ago) and slides from Radical Yes
Outfit 3:  Harmonic Skirt and Cuff Top worn with slides from Radical Yes and a Trovelore brooch from Tiffany Treloar
Photo Location:  Flinders

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