An audience


It’s isn’t often that I have an audience when my blog photos are being taken, in fact it makes me a little self consciousness, but what can I say, cows are very curious beasts!


Sharon and I definitely had some good laughs during this photo shoot.


Now… back to the sewing.  I’ve been looking for a basic long sleeve shirt pattern with sleeve packets for a while now.  I love Paper Theory’s Olya Shirt (see version 1 & version 2) but I wanted a pattern that I could use with directional prints.

Safari Sam Overshirt Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Safari-style shirt with roll-up sleeve

StyleArc’s Safari Sam Overshirt was not on my radar, but then I met up with a lovely knitting and sewing lady (Hello Fern!), she recommended it without all the hoo hahhh.  That’s right, I left off the epaulets, pockets and sleeve tabs.


The pattern name indicates that the shirt is oversized.  I sewed a size 10 and it’s a little roomy on the shoulder, but I think it will soften with washing and wearing.


The pattern looked very long for my proportions, so I removed 1.5″ (4cm) from the body length and 2″ (5cm) from the sleeve length.  I do have short arms relative to my torso.


I skipped my usual forward shoulder adjustment as the yoke is drafted to sit forward.



While making this shirt I shared a perfect collar points tip on Instagram.  This is the video where I learnt the method.


One of the problems that I have in RTW shirts and jackets is that they restrict my arm movement due to my broad back.  Weirdly, I’m broad at the bra strap rather than the upper back.


Several years ago, my pattern making friend talked me through how to do an alteration in this area that adds 2cm (3/4″) in total to my broadest part.  I can reference the method I used anywhere, but if you are looking for a ‘how to’ I would suggested the In-House Patterns video.


The adjustment was a success, and I can confirm that I can ‘drive the car’, ‘hang out the washing’ and reach forward.  Any name suggestions for the reach forward pose?



I really like the cut-off detail on the cuffs.  And sleeve plackets are so satisfying to sew!


I think you will all agree that this pattern is definitely one of those ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover’ instances!


I’ve already worn this shirt several times and it’s definitely on my make again list.


P.S.  Did you notice my Trovelore cow brooch?  My cow friends approved!


Pattern:  StyleArc’s Safari Sam Overshirt (currently only available in a single size… but I’ve requested they update it to a multi-sized pattern)
Size:  10
Fabric:  100% linen (deadstock) from Manteau Noir and 13 mm Smoke Akoya Shell Buttons (from work)
Alterations:  Shortened the body by 1.5″ (4cm), shortened the sleeves by 2″ (5cm) and performed a broad back adjustment adding 3/4″ (2cm).
Outfit:  ELBE Textiles Fremantle Pants, sneakers & sunglasses via Luisa (not current), Trovelore cow brooch from EST and vintage necklace.
Photo Location:  Flinders



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  • How about ‘use the force’ ?

  • Thanks for your blog on this Style Arc shirt.Also, thank you for adding the link to the gentleman who demonstrated how to achieve perfect collar points. I have seen the method before but it was good to remind me of the technique. Love the color of your shirt and look forward to reading more of your adventures in sewing!