Photographic memory 2016

Greetings Blogless Anna readers.

It’s that time of year again…when lovely Anna graciously lets me take over her blog to share with you my top 10 photos for the year.

We’ve had a great year.  And once again Anna has risen to the challenge in pursuit of the perfect photo.

We’ve been to the beach, driven around the eastern suburbs looking for a suitable graffiti wall (not easy to find….), squeezed in a photo shoot in the city when I came to town for a show, popped into my next door neighbour’s to use her garden swing, and notably risked a broken ankle to climb a rocky mountain quarry.

Anna has also discreetly changed outfits in more strange places than you could possibly imagine – I’ll have you know she’s quite the car change contortionist……

This year Blogless Anna also went interstate – and we took photos at the iconic Opera House.  Anna’s Instagram followers will know that I am not a fan of people other than Anna in my photos, which as you can imagine proved quite tricky at the Sydney landmark.

With Anna living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and me in Ballarat, we’ve had to co-ordinate our diaries but as we’re such good friends we welcome any excuse to get together.

So now, without further ado, in date order, is my top 10.

Simplicity 2472

Beach side

We took these photos on New Year’s Day and I remembering saying, having just finished writing last year’s top 10 post, that I was confident that one of these photos would make the 2016 list!

Ottobre Design Magazine : Painted Rose Top : Spring Summer 2/2014


Anna turned up at my house one (surprisingly for Ballarat) hot day in the January school holidays.  And so with children in tow we headed to Lake Wendouree for some pictures in front of one of the many boatsheds.  By the way, this top now lives at my house……

Pattern Fantastique's Aeolian Tee Shirt Dress

Big sky dreaming

How I love this photo of Anna – the clouds in the sky, the dirt road and Anna’s mustard wedges – a winning combination.  Of course Anna will love this for the Aeolian!

Winter Wrap / Aeolian Tunic / Virginia Leggings

Stepping out in the city

Anna and I met in the city to see the musical Matilda and just before the show we nipped down a laneway to take this shot.  The laneway was quite narrow so I was pressed up against buildings on the other side to get this wide shot. Meanwhile a restaurant full of diners was peering curiously at the crazy lady taking photos……

Megan Nielsen's Briar (heavily altered)

Garden party

Of course no year in review would be complete without a picture from Anna’s garden.  Here it is in its autumnal glory.



Here’s Anna looking gorgeous at the Fairfield Amphitheatre.  This lovely top now lives with Anna’s lovely sister-in-law.

True Bias' Roscoe Blouse

Rainy day blues

Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s cold and sometimes it’s rainy (especially in Ballarat) but the show must go on, here we are soldiering on in a wet laneway near Hop Temple.

Pattern Fantastique's Aeolian Tee Shirt Dress

Sail away

A trip to Sydney in July to see our friend Amanda Harrison perform at the Opera House.  Please take a moment to appreciate that there are no other people in this photo.


All aboard

Another rainy day in Ballarat.  But the train station proved a beautiful indoor location.

Madeit Patterns' Drop Dress & Top
Mountain climbing

Here’s Anna in wedges on the side of a quarry, probably thinking as she looks up, “I can’t believe Sharon made me climb up there….”

So that’s it.  I hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane.  See you next year…… Sharon xxxx

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