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Madeit Fashion Week 2016 is a week long event showcasing Drop the latest pattern for women by Madeit Patterns.  Fashion Week is hosted by Needle and Ted and features bloggers from all over the globe.  Did I mention I’m in VERY fine company?


The Drop Dress and Top is effortless, comfortable, stylish and a speedy sew.  It was designed with long sleeves but as the weather is supposed to be heating up here in Melbourne, my Drop Dress is without sleeves and styled for summer.

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Taking these photos was a little risky.  In hindsight, wedges (just to be clear, I’m referring to my shoes) and an unused quarry weren’t the best mix.  I can report that no bones were broken, no ankles were twisted and, as evidenced by the three photos below, there was lots of laughing!

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I knew from the outset, that this dress was going to be sleeveless, but I decided to toile the pattern in a polyester knit to check the fit and road test my sleeve hemming method.

My toile dress dress came out quite snug, very short and the left shoulder seam near the neckline wasn’t sitting right.  I work-shopped my toile with the lovely Lara and Sarah (sneaky mid-week sewing catch-ups are the best) and we all realised that my toile fabric had two-way stretch and the lovely seafoam (what a great name for a colour!) viscose knit I was going to use for the ‘real deal’ had four-way stretch.

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What a difference having a knit fabric with stretch in both directions makes.  The left shoulder seam issue totally disappeared (hooray!).  I did go up a size, scoop out the front neck slightly and add length to the dress, but I think the resulting volume, drape and length has more to do with the four-way stretch of the viscose than the changes I made.  And my lesson… you are wasting most of your efforts if you toile in a fabric that fundamentally behaves differently to your fashion fabric.

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I sewed this dress on my regular sewing machine using a stretch stitch (the one that looks like a lightening bolt) and I didn’t finish any of raw edges… a benefit of sewing knit fabrics!  After joining the shoulder seams and adding the neckband, I sewed the side seams from the hem until 3/4″ (2cm) below the sleeve notch.  I pressed the side seams open, folded the raw edge of each armhole 3/8″ (1cm) to the inside of the dress and stitched it in place with a twin needle.

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The drape on this dress is just fabulous.  I think I’ve done enough talking, how about some more photos?

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And now for a giveaway…. please note, just one comment per person.

If you’d like to get in on the Drop action there is a 20% off discount (use the code MFW2016) which is valid from 28 Nov-2 Dec 2016.  This is a great pattern… what are you waiting for?

Madeit Fashion Week Discount Code

And to finish, more photos to show off the gorgeous back-drop…

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Pattern:  Madeit Patterns’ Drop Dress & Top
Size:  Medium
Fabric:  Viscose/Lycra knit from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  Left off the sleeves.  Added 2″ (5cm) to the length of the dress.  Scooped out the front neck by 3/4″ (2cm).
Accessories:  Sonia Rykiel silk scarf & bangle from Christine.
Location: Black Hill Lookout, Ballarat

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