I am the jungle…

I am the jungle…

In December, before the Christmas silly season was in full swing, an ever forward thinking Pretty Grievances invited us all to indulge our inner wild animal and Jungle January was born.

Me, a shy country girl at heart, couldn’t quite come at animal print for me first foray into the jungle (yes, there will be more!) so after spying some cotton voile at the Spotlight sale earlier in the week I decided to be the jungle.


Okay, maybe a jungle mostly full of birds at sunset, but there is a big cat lurking on my right front shoulder and my back left one!


My jungle top is also known as Blouse E (on left below) from Happy Homemade Vol 1- Treasured Collections.  My Japanese pattern book obsession (in English of course!) continues…

As per usual with Japanese patterns, I went down several sizes than my measurements suggested (a size 10 rather than a 16).

After the gaping back neckline issues with my last Japanese make, I made a quick muslin of this top and decided to remove a 1.5cm wedge from the back neckline.  I think this might become a standard alteration for me.

I’m just loving the frilled sleeves.


A perfect top for our 39 degree day!


Right, off to do a spot of secret bag making.  I’ve never made a bag before (excluding draw string bags) so I’ll be stretching myself a little and no doubt learning a thing or two or three…

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  • Fun-frilled sleeves! And those shoes…you have great shoes!! Good idea to start thinking about ‘standard’ alterations….I’ve been doing that too…FBA, grading down at hips, adding length to bodices…really improves the strike rate!!

    • These shoes were brought at the same time as the grey ones. My shoe collection is definitely a work in progress, but it’s heading in the right direction… Thanks for noticing.

      You’re definitely right about those standard alterations. It does improve the strike rate, which in turn boosts my confidence. I must admit when I get out a new pattern I try and find something that I’ve successfully made recently to measure it up against. It helps me decide on what size to make and what if any alterations might be needed.

  • This looks lovely. I have this book and wondered what this pattern would look like and now I know – it looks really good!

  • I love your outfit! Cherry is right about the shoes! Do you have ‘I am cute dresses’?

    • I don’t own ‘I am cute dresses’. I did borrowed it from my local library at the start of my sewing career and drawing up your own pattern at that time just seemed too hard. It might be time to revisit the whole book again. Thanks for the reminder about it!

      Thanks also for all the Jungle January inspiration. I would have easily looked past this cotton voile without your challenge in mind, and I just love it. Happy days.

  • This is a such a fun blouse! Great job.

  • I love how the birds are placed, did you fussy cut them?

    • Oh no! The bird placement was a total fluke. I was aiming to get the big cat in a more prominent place (to be a little bit more jungley!), but when the pattern repeat and the size of my piece of fabric was against me, I just left it all to chance.

  • Anna, it’s gorgeous! A lovely marriage of fabric and pattern. I am so thrilled that you are working out your standard alterations. I need to pay closer attention to taking a wedge out of the back neckline in many of my things, I think (said because today’s dress definitely gapes at the back neck). And I really like those shoes too!

    • Thanks Lara. It’s another one of those makes that feels special. Here’s hoping it passes the wash, iron and wear test. I was lying in bed awake this morning thinking of other fabric options for this pattern. I might even go out on a limb and sew it up in a plain colour!

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  • I saw this fabric at Spotlight and nearly bought it for tigerboy (what with his parrot obsession) but voile isn’t very manly is it? You’ve done a fabulous job and I’ve found another Aussie to add to my list.

    • Tigergirl, you had the right name and the right fabric for Jungle January! I was admiring your dress this morning. You overcame you fabric limitations with great style! Pretty Grievances has done a fabulous job assisting me discover some new blogs too.

  • I adore this fabric – it is so you! The birdie prints this year at Spotlight have just been divine, such a treat to look at them and even more so to wear. I have a couple which I cannot bear to cut up!
    I got your package today – OMG it’s so ‘me’ it is amazing, I LOVE it. thank you thank you thank you! I cannot buy this type of fabric where I live so it’s a treat beyond imagining. 🙂

  • Aw this is cuuuuuuuteeeee, gorgeous fabric golly you’re prolific!!

  • I LOVE this top Anna – the fabric really makes it. Adding this to my loooong must sew list 🙂

    • Thanks Renee. I was thinking about making myself another one this morning. This version was a size 10 and it’s grabs at the back when I’m driving so I think I’ll make the 12 next time but taper the sides in so they end up being a 10 at the hips – I don’t want it any wider!

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