#isewlation2020 : Japanese sarouel pants

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It goes without saying that 2020 was quite the year.

Here in Melbourne we endure two lengthy lockdowns.  During those lockdowns I was quite productive with my sewing, but without being able to see my bestie Sharon, blog posts were put to one side.  I therefore have a lot of blogging to catch-up on, so I’m starting a #isewlation2020 blog series to share with you all my 2020 makes.  A very big thanks to Cris Woods Sews for creating the #isewlation2020 hashtag on Instragram… it was a great way to connect with sewists around the world.


Since it’s #sewjapaneseinjanuary at the moment, I’ll firstly catch you up on my makes from Japanese sewing books.  Last May, I sewed a pair of Japanese Straight Cut Sarouel Pants from “Happy Homemade Vol 1 – Treasured Collection” by Yoshiko Tsukiori.  This is one of a handful of Japanese sewing books that has been translated into English.



Rather than using a woven fabric, I opted for a viscose knit.  I thought it might conceal a little bit of the volume and drop crotch action.  Maybe I was wrong?

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When tracing the pattern I nearly came unstuck.  I failed to see the very clear ‘add an additional 5cm (2″) when adding seam allowances’ and it was only when I was cutting out the pattern pieces and things weren’t adding up, that I returned to the pattern sheet and realised my error.  Thankfully I hadn’t cut into my fabric.

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Construction was shared between my sewing machine and overlocker.  I left off the pockets as I didn’t feel they would suit my jersey fabric or be fun to sew.

My aim here was to make some comfy loungewear.  I can confirm that these are very comfortable and are worn to bed and around the house, but not out-and-about.

I’m going to leave this pattern for now and try StyleArc’s Palermo Knit Pants for my next adventure in drop-crotch pants.

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Pattern:  Pattern L – Straight-Cut Sarouel Pants from “Happy Homemade Vol 1 – Treasured Collection” by Yoshiko Tsukiori.
Size:  I think there are just three sizes in this pattern (apologies I don’t currently have the book to hand) and I believe I made the middle size.
Fabric:  Black viscose knit from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  I left off the pockets.
Outfit:  Boots from Obus, jumper from Gorman and cowl designed & knitted by me.
Photo Location:  Warrnambool

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  • I made these pants from this book a few years ago – also out of a knit – and I used them as PJ pants for a while. I didn’t like the look on me.