A jigsaw puzzle with all the right pieces


Scrap busting smugness… that’s how this project makes me feel.  It combines leftover fabric from three garments that are all still on high rotation in my wardrobe… a top and two dresses (here and here).


In my eyes, one of the keys to combining fabrics is ensuring that they are of a similar weight.  All these fabrics are a medium weight linen with excellent drape.


The pattern is the recently-released Sew House Seven Remy Raglan Top.  I purchased the pattern as soon as it was released… which is VERY unusual for me these days.


Why did I buy it?  Well, I’ve always loved a raglan top as they are easy to wear and great for accommodating a larger bust!  Also, I found this promotional colour blocked version from Sew House Seven to be very inspiring.  I have a lot of linen scraps, and I knew that I would sew a version from these scraps soon after purchase.  This is the resulting top and I couldn’t be happier.


This was my first Sew House Seven pattern and I was impressed with the sizing, drafting and instructions.  I did my standard forward shoulder adjustment on this make, which is not something that I can find reference to online.  In short, for a raglan top, you don’t change the sleeve pattern piece, but add to the back armscye and remove from the front armscye.  These changes need to be undertaken after the seam allowance or your underarm won’t match up.


The only change I would make for next time, and I’ve already adjusted the pattern piece, is to lessen the taper on the bottom of the sleeve and lengthen it so I can roll the sleeve up twice.  I’m sure that this is going to be a pattern that I reach for time and time again.  What’s your experience with Sew House Seven patterns?  I’m keen to try the Free Range Slacks in Spring.  Have you sewn them?


I love how at certain angles you can only see two of the three fabrics.



Pattern:  Sew House Seven’s Remy Raglan Top
Size:  8
Fabric:  Medium weight linen with excellent drape leftover from previous makes
Alterations:  3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment
Outfit:  Scarf purchased at Scarlet Jones, jeans from Witchery and shoes from Florsheim
Photo Location:  Warrnambool


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  • Don’t you love it when you can sew something out of leftovers? This is a great make! I just finished the Free Range Slacks and LOVE them!

  • I have purchased this pattern, lovely to see it made up, will go ahead and make it👍👍

  • I have made up quite a few of the Sew House 7 patterns and tested for Peggy a few times. I’ve loved everything I’ve made and always been really impressed with the patterns. If you’re looking for a knit t-shirt I highly recommend the Timberline tee – lovely opportunity for colour blocking and it’s a really nice fit.

  • A beautiful top. I always love scrap busting projects.

    That is a great tip about a forward shoulder alteration for raglan sleeves. It is not one I have seen before, but one I could definitely use. Thanks.

    • I’m pleased I could help. I couldn’t find any info anywhere for this alteration, so I asked my pattern designer friend who came up with the goods.

  • What a great idea to use leftovers! It realy looks like a designer garment. I’ll follow your idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • wonderful, absolutely love your version. I came here following the link from THORNBERRY, that Lara gave after making a version herself. I was bit underwhelmed until I saw yours – now I love it!

  • I found your post looking for a forward shoulder adjustment for a one piece raglan. I was not thinking to change the bodice, but that does make sense. Glad you shared that. I do have a question. Did you add and subtract on the entire length of the armscye, or do a gradual change just above the curve.

  • This looks fabulous! I’m curious what size you are and if you sized down? I measure at a 10, but when I look at the finished measurements, it seems quite huge. I’m tempted to go with a size 8, especially since I always use a smaller high bust measurement when I make tops. Nice scap pile, BTW . . .

    • Good questions. My bust measures a size bigger than my shoulders, so if it’s a boxy top like this one, I usually size down… and I did. Just one size. Apologies for the late reply… I missed seeing two unapproved comments on this post.

  • I’m late to the Remy Raglan party, but mine is looking quite lovely…except for the button loop…help! Yikes, pretty French seams inside, but a raw edged button loop? I’m pretty sure I did it correctly (I read the directions umpteen times and studied the pictorial sew along directions and photos.) If I wore the shirt with the button undone, the ragged edge would show, and frey over time. I’ve considered lapping it under the fold but I think it would be too thick and heavy.
    What did you do? Yours is gorgeous!

  • Love it! I’ve got lots of smaller pieces of linen, so might have to try this. It looks like no seam I’m the centre back?

    • It a great pattern for colour blocking. There isn’t a CB seam from memory, but you could always add one to fully utilise smaller pieces of fabric.