Sewcie Tea Dress – Plan A, Plan B & now Plan C

Sewcie Tea Dress – Plan A, Plan B & now Plan C

Do you remember my original plan (now known as Plan A) for my Sewcie Tea (Society) dress?

IMG_0736 IMG_0737

Well, I toiled the dress weeks ago, and when I got back to it last weekend, I realised I didn’t really ‘love’ it.  No wonder I’d been procrastinating!

Plan B was soon hatched.  A shift dress is a flattering for my body type, and I was dying to try Colette’s new Laurel dress.

IMG_1332 IMG_1331

Doesn’t it look lovely?  Hang on a minute, where is the bias trim on the neckline and the sleeves?  Why isn’t it finished?  That’s right readers, it DOESN’T FIT (too small in the bust).  I should have made that third toile, but instead, due to perceived time restraints, I cut into some lovely Liberty.  Needless to say, this dress will not be finished.  It will be taken apart and made into something for one of my girls.  I haven’t given up on this pattern yet, as I think it has lots of potential, but I will get back to it another time.

Then late last night Plan C was hatched.  Wish me luck, I’m off to cut out the dress now.  That Sunday 2pm event deadline is looming…

By the way, if this next make fails, and I don’t have high hopes for it, then I’m going to have to pull out my mustard Lily Linen Dress and face that fact I haven’t managed to make anything new that is wearable for this event.  Such is life.

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