A win with Washi

A win with Washi

So what did I wear to Sewcie Tea (Society) this afternoon?  I had a win with Washi.  Cup of tea anyone?


I started making this dress on Friday morning after posting about my abandoned plan A dress and my aborted plan B dress.  Thankfully, I had made a muslin of the bodice way back when it was first released mid last year, and I knew it needed minimal changes (phew).  Which begs the question, why didn’t I make this dress earlier?


I think this is a clever pattern. There are no buttons, zips or closures and yet it easily goes on and off without a struggle. The shirring at the back gives great definition and the pleats in the front skirt give volume and movement without too much ‘poof’.  I’m also quite partial to the sleeves.  This dress is perfect for my body type, and I love it!


For the first time, and mainly because I was keen to see how it turned out, I hand stitched the bias binding (used as a facing on this dress) on the armholes. It was a good experiment and I pleased with how it turned out.  Hand sewing definitely has it’s place even in the era of machines!

Pattern:  Washi Dress by Made-by-Rae (available for purchase in pdf or hardcopy)
Fabric:  100% cotton from Tessuti.  Purchased as two remnants on separate days last year.  On very close inspection (and I only noticed when I was giving the dress it’s final press) the colour of the flowers are ever so slightly different on the two pieces.  They obviously came off two different rolls!
Size:  Large
I was being a bit lazy, so I only marked the first row of shirring on the back dress piece and then used the edge of my pressure foot for the spacings.  I therefore ended up with 8 rows of shirring instead of the instructed 6.  I removed the in-seam pockets when tracing out the pattern (let’s put that down to laziness too).  I also removed 5 inches off the hem.


I had some photo bombers in this afternoon photo shoot.  Luckily, they were wearing mummy-made dresses (and in the case of Miss B pink socks!)



I feel the need for some quick projects and I’ve got plans for my jersey stash.  Watch this space…

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