Sage green


I have an new and unexpected colour crush.  It’s not my usual bold and bright… it’s sage green.  Green has always been my favourite colour, but I’ve favoured a bright frog green rather than any of the dusky hues.


This sage green 100% boiled wool was the tipping point.  It was just so thick, squishy and lush that it had to come home with me.


I didn’t formally do Me-Made-May this year (I can’t handle the thought of daily photos) but I use this time to write down what I’m wearing.  Do you know what was my most worn item in May 2019?  It was my orange Berlin Jacket.  It’s just the perfect trans-seasonal wardrobe staple.


So when I feel hard for some sage green boiled wool, and my most worn item in May was my Berlin Jacket, you can probably guess what happened!


This is the size XS.  I removed 3/8″ (1cm) from the sleeve length before adding the cuffs… which gives me the option of wearing the sleeves down or rolled up.  I tend to always roll them up though.


As I was not blessed with long limbs, I raised the pockets by 2″ (5cm) on this version.  They are perfect now.



Did you spot the sneaky little Blogless Anna logo I added to the pocket?  It was a thank you gift from my friend Kylie.  Did you know that Kylie and the Machine does custom labels now?  You can email her or fill out this form if you’re interested.

This jacket has already seen a lot of wear… and that’s a winner in my books.


Pattern:  Tessuti’s Berlin Jacket
Size:  XS
Boiled wool from The Cloth Shop
Raised the pockets by 2 inches (5 cm) and shortened the sleeves by 3/8 inch (1cm)
Outfit:  Paper Theory’s Olya Shirt, jeans from Witchery, boots from Obus and brooch from Scarlet Jones
Location:  Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne


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  • I love this colour very much and it is a beautiful pattern too! I just made the como knit cardi from Style Arc and it is a total disaster. I wish I had made the Berlin Jacket, because it seems very nice on you.

    • I hate total disasters. I had one on Sunday. For me it was just the wrong fabric for the pattern. What went wrong with your Como Knit Cardi?

      • Everything exept the choise of fabric 🙂 I think it’s the wrong pattern for me because I couldn’t adapt the shoulders.
        I’ll try the Berlin jacket because I’m glad to see that it fits you very well.
        You can see the poor results of my Como knit cardi on my blog at 30 november (I plan my texts in advance).

  • This coat is such a flattering color and style on you. So pretty!

  • Love the coat Anna. It looks so warm and versatile and the fabric choice is divine.

    • It’s such a great pattern & boiled wool is a delight to sew and wear. I highly recommend.

      • Thanks Anna,
        That makes perfect sense to me now. I’ve just begun to toile, because of fit issues, and I’ve been going down a size every time. (And making clothes that fit and that I love. The muslin love/hate relationship 😱!)
        I’m also hoping to find designer/pattern company/size correlations. (I am finding that some indy pattern blocks seem to fit me better out of the packet. I’m sort of a brick shape! 🙃)

  • I love both of your Berlins! Are my eyes deceiving me, or did you also reduce the pocket size?
    I’m wondering how your measurements compare to the suggested pattern size? (And do you usually use the same Tessuti size?)

    • The pockets should be the same size! 🤔

      My bust puts me in a S… but my shoulders are a size smaller than my bust (if that makes sense). I have narrow hips too (I measure a XXS) so the XS works fine on me. In Tessuti patterns I make either an XS or S depending on the style. For closer fitting garments I’m more comfortable in a S.