Name that cardigan

Name that cardigan


Can you name my cardigan?


It’s the Saunio Cardigan by Named, and even though in my eyes it’s more jacket than cardigan, it’s all that I dreamed it would be and more.


Now here’s a funny story…  I purchased the hardcopy of this pattern 12+ months ago at a Stitch 56 sale and I’ve been waiting to find the perfect thick knit for it.  Two months ago, I spied this navy and cream spongy knit at The Cloth Shop and I knew it would be a perfect match for this pattern.  After the fabric was purchased, washed and dried I added it to the ‘cut out and take to Sewjourn’ pile with the Saunio pattern placed on top.  At times I can be a planned and well organised sewer/sewist!


Okay, so the story hasn’t been full of humour to date, but you can imagine my surprise when Kirsty made a Saunio Cardigan in the EXACT same fabric and blogged it last month.

Now, part of the appeal of making your own clothes is to create ‘one off’ items… but Kirsty is a VERY stylish woman and the cardigan/jacket looked just as I imagined… so I decided to follow through.  I’m so glad I did because I LOVE this oversized relaxed cardigan/jacket, with overlapping front edges, drop shoulders and 3/4 sleeves (which are a little 7/8s on me!).  Easy to sew, easy to wear is always a winner in my books!


The cardigan/jacket is unlined and the facings are topsitched down, which is hard to see in this spongy knit.  On Kirsty’s recommendation I also top stitched the sleeve seam allowances to the sleeve head (the pattern suggests just to press them).



I’ve already purchased some fabric for my next Saunio… surely by now you all know how much I love a pattern repeat.


Pattern:  Saunio Cardigan by Named
38-42 (the sizes are grouped… this is the middle of three sizes)
Polyester/lycra knit from The Cloth Shop
Accessories:  Silk scarf was a gift & boots purchased from Florsheim


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