A new jacket and a new job!

A new jacket and a new job!


Tessuti named this cotton/polyester fabric Jaffa Pad… but let’s face it, there is definitely a construction site vibe going on here.  So, I got myself a new job in traffic management.


These photo shoots seem to be getting sillier and sillier!  Thanks to the lovely construction guy who lent me his ‘gear’ and laughed heartily when it was pointed out that I was matching him.


This is my second Saunio Cardigan and I love it just as much as my first.  Construction was as per the first one (pun intended) and it really is a quick and satisfying sew.  If this style is your kind of thing, then I’d recommend this pattern without hesitation.


The fabric was almost dry when it came out of the washing machine confirming my suspicion it’s more polyester than cotton.  This is the first ‘structured’ item in my wardrobe and I’m enjoying the different silhouette.  It’s also a good contrast to the rest of my clothes.  I find that sewing allows for easy experimentation, and it’s one of the things I love about my hobby… or was that obsession?


And where is my scarf and/or beads?  Believe it our not, I decided there was enough going on with the florescent quilted orange fabric to forego accessories.  Wonders never cease!


And just for the record, my traffic management role was very short-lived.

Pattern:  Saunio Cardigan by Named
Size:  38-42 (the sizes are grouped… this is the middle of three sizes)
Cotton/polyester (woven) from Tessuti (now sold out)
Accessories:  Boots from Scarlet Jones.


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