Just walking the dog…

Just walking the dog…


It’s a long time since I laughed so hard as I did yesterday when these photos were taken.


This is my dog niece… Maggie, who’s a corgi, and she was such a good sport.


More dog photos soon… but meanwhile since this is a sewing blog, it seems fitting to tell you about my new denim dress.  It’s the Midi-Length Jumper Dress (Pattern G) from Stylish Dress Book : Simple Smocks, Dresses & Tops (often referred to as Stylish Dress Book 2) by Yoshiko Tsukiori.

Midi isn’t my thing, so I ignored the ‘lengthen by 5 1/8″ (13cm)’ instructions at the bottom of the front and back pattern pieces and didn’t add a hem allowance.  The result is a little longer than I would wear in the summer-time, but it’s perfect for winter.  Note to self… please buy or make a half slip to avoid the tights clinging to dress scenario.


This was my first top stitching experience and I’m happy with the results.  For this project, and with quite a few test samples, I used most of a 30m spool of top stitching thread.  As the name suggests, I used top stitching thread on the top spool and normal 100% polyester thread in a similar colour in the bobbin.  I slightly increased my stitch length and backed off on the speed.  I found that the top stitching was much neater on areas that had been interfaced.



One of my favourite things about this dress is the little pocket.  It’s perfectly sized and placed.




To my surprise, I loved all the top stitching and I look forward to making another jumper dress soon.  The photos don’t really show that the dress is actually a little big for me, particularly under the arms, so I’ll size down next time and see how it goes.


Before I sign off, I have to rave about this denim from M Recht.  It’s a medium weight, with a touch of stretch and in a great indigo blue colour with a brown base.  Going on Jane’s recommendations, I brought 1.5m of fabric, cut out my back and then… shock horror… I realised I didnt’ have enough fabric for the front.  A silly assumption that my denim was 60″ (150cm) wide was where I’d come unstuck.  For future reference, it was 52″ (130cm) after a trip through my washing machine and a spin in my dyer.

Not to be beaten, I got creative and my denim jumper dress ended up with a seam down the middle.  No big deal.


Pattern:  Midi-Length Jumper Dress (Pattern G) from Stylish Dress Book : Simple Smocks, Dresses & Tops by Yoshiko Tsukiori
Comfort Stretch Denim (98% Cotton/2% Elastane) from M Recht
Ignored the ‘lengthen by 5 1/8″ (13cm)’ instructions at the bottom of the front and back pattern pieces and didn’t add a hem allowance
Accessories:  Uimi Indiana Scarf & boots purchased from Florsheim


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  • I loved this when I saw you making it on Instagram. It was on my to do list so now it’s traced and cut out. Not sure my topstitching will be anywhere near as neat though! I agree on the length though this is much more flattering in my opinion.

  • Nice save! Nothing more upsetting than realising you might not be able to squeeze something out of a piece of fabric – when it’s too late to turn back!
    I also like top stitching, I find it calming. Have you thought about top stitching the centre front seam and making it a feature?

    • I did think about top-stitching the centre front seam and in the end I decided there was enough else going on that I would leave it. Never say never… I might go back to it!

  • Snap! I’m wearing the same pinafore today! I’m only 5’2” and made mine to just above the knee and I’m really happy with this length, summer and winter. After I shortened it from below the knee, it seemed altogether less voluminous and I didn’t bother taking it in. Yours looks great in denim!

  • Ahhh the seam is a design feature! Do you normally dry your fabrics in the dryer? I really like this on you, it looks perfectly wintery and comfy 🙂

  • Maggie is adorable!! I wonder if the Queen has a denim pinafore, it seems very useful and possibly required in my wardrobe … Thanks for all the details, I think pinafores should join culottes and capes as ‘so hot right now’ items 😉

  • What a fun dress – love the cute pocket and top stitching. When making jeans, I have started using regular thread for my top stitching, and it works really well – a little more subtle – if that is what you like. And no tension issues. And I do. As I say – yours looks lovely! And lovely Houndie! Especially the first pic!

  • Oh it’s so cute! I would have thought that the seam at the front was a design feature if you hadn’t mentioned the fabric. Love the little pocket and the topstitching gives the dress character. Just lovely.

  • Hot damn! This is so awesome, Anna! Such a perfect winter make and I like the seam down the front – mayhems a topstitch to play it up?
    Also, Maggie is ADORABLE! Too cute!

    • Maggie is the BEST. Gotta love an enthusiastic hound. I did toy with the idea of top stitching the CF seam… but surprisingly I decided there was enough going on with bold orange topstitching. Never say never… I might come back to it!

  • Upstaged by Maggie, but I do like that dress! It’s got quite a retro vibe in denim. Your topstitching looks perfect.

  • Cute dress. Love the dog!

  • Love your pinafore/jumper dress – it looks really good in denim! The back straps are a great design feature. Pattern Designer, Marilla Walker, made this dress too. I am a fan of pinafore/jumper dresses, having made the Abigail Dress in corduroy.

    • The back straps are a great design feature… and that pocket. I think my Instragram pic I inspired Marilla to sew up this pattern. I love how we all inspire and encourage each other!

  • Your top-stitching really looks nice. What a great fall/winter wardrobe addition.

  • Love these photos and your outfit styling is awesome as always!

  • Lovely to see a corgi on your blog! Really enjoy your blog, honest comments and great style. It does inspire me who dreams more than I make presently in Ballarat 🙂

    • Thanks Renae. My friend and I often photograph my makes in Ballarat so you might recognise some of the locations. Dream big!

  • Hi!

    My name is Emma and I writing to you because I found on pinterrest that you made this beautiful midi-length jumper dress fråm the book stylish dress book by Yoshiko Tsukiori.

    I’m planning one myself with small changes, becaus thats who I am 😉

    But my question for you is, sinze the sizes in the book is really small (If i just look att the mesurments I would be an XL, normaly size S-M in sweden) What size did you sew? And is the mesurments the same on you as it is in the book? Do you remember? (I see that its from 2015 and I have all respect for that you might have forgotten)

    Have a nice day!


    • Hi Emma. As a general rule the Haoanese patterns are drafted with excessive ease. I don’t recall what size I sewed, but I would have measured the flat pattern at the just and then allowed for about 10cm of ease. I also sometimes lay a good fitting pattern over the ‘to sew’ pattern to help me decided what size to trace & sew. I hope this helps.