A tee for every day of the week… Saturday

A tee for every day of the week… Saturday


I sewed this top one a Saturday afternoon several weeks ago with the expressed plan of wearing it to dinner that night with some sewing friends.  We’ve all done that before haven’t we?


Sewing with a deadline is not something I do often… and I think the rush rush rush has taken some of the pleasure out of this top.  I unnecessarily fought with hemming the sleeves until I remembered my love of Vliesofix Bondaweb Tape and I stuck those hems in place before stitching them down with a twin needle.  Viscose jersey can be slippery sometimes!


The Blair Batwing Shirt is designed for knits and was part of Named first release.  It’s described as an easy sew (I would agree) and is only available as a tiled pdf that includes seam allowances.  I generally love a top with a dramatic sleeve, but somehow in this make I feel swamped.  The good news is that my big brother’s wife has similar colouring to me but slightly broader shoulders and the Blair Batwing Shirt looks great on her.  She’s thrilled to call it her own.


I finished the neckline using Megan Nielsen’s neckline binding tutorial but my perfectionism caused me some grief as I redid several sections that, in my eyes, looked wonky. It’s nice to try new things, but I don’t think this neckline finish is for me.


The fabric is a medium weight viscose jersey from The Cloth Shop and it is nothing short of divine.  I have re-purchased some more of this exact fabric for a drapy dress.  As well as this colourway (described as Jasper) it comes in black & a plum colour too.


So you’d like to see the batwing in all it’s glory?






After a week of tees, I think I need a sit down.


Pattern:  Named Blair Batwing Shirt
Size:  Eur 34-38 (the sizes are grouped, this is the smallest size available)
Fabric:  Medium weight viscose/lycra from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  NA
Accessories:  Me-made silk scarf with a hand-stitched rolled hem and shoes from Habbot
Location:  Fairfield Amphitheater


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