Go big or…


The expression ‘Go big or go home!’ is one that resonates with me.  I wonder if that’s why the Japanese pattern book with the loosely translated title of ‘Big clothes, small clothes’ is a favourite of mine.


You may remember that I sewed this jacket from the same pattern book a few months ago.


DSC_6841 (1)

The oversized sweater pattern hadn’t really caught my attention until I saw Kate’s version… and then I remembered that Mie had sewn this pattern too.


This jumper is all the things I don’t like about many sweatshirts…


The neckband isn’t sitting flat (which is a pet hate of mine!),


the sleeves are too long even after I shortened them,


and the hem band causes bunching.


But despite ALL these things, I just adore wearing this jumper.


The fabric was purchased from The Fabric Store in Melbourne several years ago. I believe it was dead-stock from an Australia kids clothing company which is no longer in business.  The cotton/lycra sweatshirt material is quite thick and surprisingly warm.  The weight of the fabric actually makes this jumper a delight to wear… it feels like being wrapped in a big hug!


And I’ve always been partial to any material with a fleck!


I’ll be back in the few days to show you my ponte version of this very same pattern!  If you can’t wait that long, here’s an Instagram sneak peek.


Pattern:  Sweatshirt E from ISBN978-4-579-11563-1
Size:  Oversized (one size)
Fabric:  Cotton/lycra sweatshirting fabric from deep stash (originally purchased from The Fabric Store)
Alterations:  Shortened the sleeves by 2″ (5cm)
Outfit:  Jeans from WitcheryDoctor Who Cowl and boots from Floresheim (many moons ago)
Photo Location:  Eastern suburbs, Melbourne


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  • I love it and I also have an aversion to sweatshirts that bunch in at the waistband (bad memories from the 80s I think). I think it’s genuinely oversized enough to carry it all off!

  • Now I would wear that 🙂
    Sigh – Bloglovin – I keep getting asked to get your blog posts emailed! Annoying as I cannot see your blog post without filling out the details required, however I can go into the web and view them- wonder what’s happening at Bloglovin – maybe a ploy to get money from you dependent on how many people sign up thru it?
    Sam the Aussie