Slouchy sweater


I call this garment a jumper (with an Australian accent) but many refer to it as a sweater.  Are you in the jumper or sweater camp?  Slouchy sweater just rolls off the tongue, hence the blog title, so maybe I have a foot in both camps?


This is a ponte version of the Japanese pattern I shared with you last week.



DSC_6841 (1)


Yes, it’s another slouchy piece of outwear that I love to wear with skinny jeans, boots and a scarf.


The fabric is from The Cloth Shop.  I fell hard for the big floral print.  The details of the flowers are amazing as the ponte has been digitally printed.


I paid a lot of attention to pattern placement.  Interestingly, it was the neck band and sleeve cuffs that got the most attention.  I wanted less print on the neck band as there was a bunch of flowers on the upper front body and the opposite on the cuffs.  I imagined that light coloured sleeve cuffs would easily become grubby.


Having already sewn this pattern recently, I made two small changes to this version to suit my personal preferences.  Namely, I reduced the width of the neck band by 3/8″ (1cm) and the width of the sleeve cuffs by 3/4″ (2cm).


The slimmer neck band has helped the neck band sit flat and the smaller sleeve cuffs ensure the sleeves stay at my wrists… just where I like them.


I predicted that the stretch in the fabric would accommodate the smaller sleeve cuff.  It wasn’t the case.  Oh how I battled with those sleeve cuffs.  They look fine from the outside but the inside resemble a red hot mess.  I’m okay with that, but I’m not showing you any pictures!


Just in case there is a next time for this pattern I have taken some width out of the sleeve pattern piece so I can still have smaller cuffs without any angst when attaching them to the sleeves.


Pattern:  Sweatshirt E from ISBN978-4-579-11563-1
Size:  Oversized (one size)
Fabric:  Digital print ponte from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  Shortened the sleeves by 2″ (5cm), reduce the width of the neck band by 3/8″ (1cm) and the sleeve cuffs by 3/4″ (2cm).
Outfit:  Jeans from Witchery,  scarf from Scarlet Jones and boots from Obus.
Photo Location:  Maranoa Gardens


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