Sunny Knit Top on a not so sunny day

Sunny Knit Top on a not so sunny day


It seems ironic to be sewing and blogging about the Sunny Knit Top when we are experiencing what feels like the coldest winter in years.  Note to self… I must stop whinging about our weather.

My wardrobe is currently lacking long sleeve tops that I can wear under RTW jackets with three-quarter sleeves. I therefore decided that it was time that Sunny and I danced the sewing dance.


This purpley blue viscose from Tessuti (purchased 18+ months ago) tones beautifully with my jacket and it had the perfect drape for a Sunny Knit Top.  It was all systems go!


I own a few Style Arc patterns, but I must confess I haven’t sewn many of them… which is for no other reason except something more shiny comes along first!

My impression from other sewers/sewists is that the design and drafting at Style Arc is spot on, and that’s exactly how I found this top.  Yes, it’s over-sized, but I think the slim fitting arms and the cocoon shaped bottom band balance the volume nicely.

This is a great oversized knit top with the new cocoon shape


Several reviews on this pattern suggest that the arms are very tight.  I made the size 10, as per my bust measurement, and the arms are a little long (perfect for cold weather) but not tight on me.


The line drawing, and all other examples of this top I’ve seen online, indicate that it’s on the longish side.  I like my tops to finish around my high hip bone, so I shortened the pattern in two places.  I took an inch (2.5 cm) out of the front and back pieces as well as an inch (2.5 cm) out of the cocoon shaped bottom band.  The latter adjustment really had me scratching my head.  In crude terms, the pattern piece is shaped like an upside down half circle skirt, and I could see three different ways of shortening this pattern piece. I could have either:

  • Removed the length directly from the hem… making the circumference of the hem band bigger (not ideal)
  • Drawn a straight through the pattern piece and adjusted at this point… creating a lot of distortion at the side seams (not ideal)
  • Drawn a curved line, following the arc of the seam that connects this piece to the front and back pieces, and adjust here… less distortion at the side seams than the straight line option (the method I used)


I’m really happy with this top and I look forward to wearing it in spring without all the layers!

And to finish, more photos…






Pattern:  Style Arc’s Sunny Knit Top (paper or pdf)
Viscose knit from Tessuti (purchased 18+ months ago)
Removed 1″ (2.5 cm) from the front and back pieces as well as 1″ (2.5 cm) from the cocoon shaped bottom band
Accessories:  Boots from Florsheim.  Scarf worn with jacket from Scarlet Jones & Sophie Digard scarf from Luccello worn with top.


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  • Hi Anna – The top looks great on you, and your workmanship is incredible. As we communicated previously, I had felt the armhole seam (connecting sleeve to bodice) was too snug around my upper arms. The circumference of the sleeve itself was fine, I thought. I’ve now made two McCall’s 7020s, which has a similar sleeve application, and I love it. (Here’s that post: I want to lay one pattern on the other and get the dimensions of the armhole seam on the McCall’s and of the tapered torso on the StyleArc. I’m thinking I would love that! thanks for sharing your successful Sunny.

    • Jan yours was one of the reviews I looked at and apart from the armhole information, it was also a good reminder about using drapey fabric. I love a pattern-off. It would be interesting to see how different those armholes are. The McCalls pattern also reminds me of Grainline’s Hemlock and Tessuti’s Mandy… but it has lots more neckline options which is always a good thing.

  • Very cool shape. I do love style arc for their willingness to try to make basics a bit more interesting!

  • Either you wear those green boots in all your blog posts to taunt me, or they are your faves. I know they’d be my faves 🙂 But onto the top! Love the colour and shape, it looks like a great staple and mixing piece. And yes, I find myself having to tell myself to shut up about the cold already. If I don’t my hubby is sick of me saying it and certainly lets me know LOL!

    • Or I don’t have many boot options (true) or the green boots photograph well (also true)… as I would never purposely taunt you! This is an easy to sew and easy to wear top… there is lots about it to like!

  • That’s really cool! I’m loving that skinny arm boxy top shape at the moment. I often overlook Style Arc because I don’t like their illustration style! I’m a sucker for a pretty pattern cover 🙂

  • I love the blue colour, it does go well with your coat and your scarf. I would find that top to be perfect – very warm – in the cold weather.

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