Saturday of Joy

Saturday of Joy

Rachel and I went on a road trip to Geelong on Saturday afternoon for a spot of fabric shopping and to hand out with the lovely Renay and her friend Rachel (yes, another Rachel).  We visited Joys Fabrics Warehouse and then headed down to the waterfront for an early dinner.

At Joys Fabrics Warehouse I brought some lovely spotty linen (as modeled below) with a unlined Japanese Jacket (Design F from The Stylish Dress Book) in mind.  It’s  the jacket that Louise has recently made from a faded curtain from her Nan’s stash!  Now I suppose I should confess that I brought both colourways as I couldn’t decide.  A girl can’t have too much spotty linen can she?


From spots to stripes!  I’ve earmakred this stripey linen (in the blue colourway) for a Ribbon Shoulder Shift from Feminine Wardrobe by Jinko Matsumoto.


Although don’t be surprised if I change my mind and make a dress like Madalyne’s instead!

Lastly, I couldn’t go home without some lovely light weight dark blue chambray.  Rachel and I shared the end of the roll, but I tell you readers, if a  whole roll was on offer, I would have been tempted to buy it all!

Did you notice my new orange lace up shoes in the first photo?  BTW I’m wearing a Gabby Dress from pre-blogging days.  The shoes look like woven baskets, but they are oh so comfortable and I’ve already had lots of wear – a cocktail function at school, dinner with some girlfriends, my niece’s christening and then on Saturday.  The shoe were purchased from Scarlett Jones in Hawthorn (suburb of Melbourne).  If I do buy myself clothes & accessories these days, this is my first port of call.


Rachel was the other orange shoe wearer in the above photo and she paired them with a fabulous new Camber Dress.  I was trying to tell myself that I didn’t need this pattern, but after seeing both Rachel’s and Roobeedoo’s I don’t think my resolve will last very long.

How was your weekend?  Did you do a spot of fabric shopping or talk sewing with friends in person or online?  Is your shoe collection on the rise?  Is the Camber Dress on your ‘to buy’ list?

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