My top 5 of 2012

My top 5 of 2012

Here are my five favourite selfish sewing/machine knitting makes of 2012.  Please keep in mind I’ve only included blogged items (four months worth of things!).

Number 1Doublet Redux.  I wear this ALL the time.  It just seems to go with everything in my wardrobe.  I even wore it over a RTW silk shift dress to a fancy dinner with some girl friends before Christmas.


Number 2 –  Vintage Simplicity 5547.  This top has been on high rotation.  The style, fabric (colours and print) and cut fit so well with my life.  Must make another one soon.


Numbers 3 & 4 – These two new additions that haven’t had a chance to be worn much, but I foresee that they will be active members of my wardrobe!  My Scout Woven Tee and my Japanese Smock Blouse.

IMG_0578 DSC_3311

Number 5Mustard Maize Linen Lily Dress.  This dress was the first thing I made myself that I was REALLY proud of.  It the extra jolt I needed to start this blog.  Although only worn twice, I have a great fondness for it.  A sleeveless version should appear early in 2013!  I do feel a 2013 ‘to do’ list won’t be far away.


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, words of wisdom and honest feedback.  I love our supportive online sewing community and I feel blessed to be part of it.

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