A thoughtful plan

A thoughtful plan

When it comes to sewing I’m easily distracted with the next pattern/fabric/project.  I’m terrible at sticking to a sewing plan.  Here’s hoping that things are about to change!

In my recent post about my Scout with 3/4 sleeves I indicated that I’d like to make three more from my liberty stash to fill a gap in my wardrobe.  Last night I put on the said Scout and proceeded to try on every jacket, jumper, shrug and cardigan in my wardrobe.  The results were surprising!  The ones that worked were put in a pile, the rest were put away.  I then had a great time matching the ‘yes pile’ with lovely liberty tana lawn in my stash.

If I share my results with you, I’m hoping it will be added motivation to follow through.  This is what I came up with.


Clockwise from top right:  Cropped red duffel coat, fair isle cardigan, merino shrug & cropped purple jumper.


Clockwise from top right:  Cropped red duffel coat, chartreuse jacket, tartan jacket, brown jumper, fair isle cardigan & olive green jacket.


Clockwise from top right:  Brown jumper, merino shrug, grey shrug, cropped purple jumper & mushroom cardigan

I’m hoping that the prints and colourways are different enough that no-one will notice they are all the same pattern.  That being said, in honour of my quirky Gabby Dresses, there might be a rogue sleeve in another fabric.

And my reward from following through on this plan?  I trip to Odette (previously known as Patchwork on Central Park) to endulge in their 20% off liberty sale!

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