The new star of the wardrobe

The new star of the wardrobe


Pattern Fantastique’s Celestial Dress comes in three dress lengths and a top.  I’ve started with the top, but never fear, I have plans for dresses too.  Did you notice that was plural… not dress, but dresses?


If you are interested in the dress lengths, there are already some lovely version around…

  • Sew Urbane made the mini dress length in a stunning African wax print
  • Casa Crafty stepped out of her comfort zone and made a floral midi dress
  • Thornberry has made not one, but two Celestial maxi dresses

The design of this pattern is very unique and super clever.  For me it was a minimal effort sew for a big impact garment.  How about those sleeves?  They can be worn folded back, but I like them in their full sticky-outy glory!



My original plan wasn’t to make acolour blocked top, but I’m really pleased with the end result.  Sometimes, restrictions really do make you more creative!

My first version of this top was a straight size 10 in some stunning textured Lithuanian linen from The Drapery. This unhemmed version is looking for a new home (any takers?) as it was just a little snug on ‘the ladies’ and the back neckline gaped a little, which is not unusual for me.


With some help from an expert, I’ve kept the 10 in the shoulders, graded to a 12 in the bust, and then back into a 10 at the hips.  A little ‘wedge’ has also been taken out of the back neckline (bodice piece and back facing) to deal with my high rounded shoulders.

For this version I raided my scraps tub for some linen.  I found some plain orange (front bodice, back bodice & back) that matched the Lithuanian orange from version 1 (front) and then I settled on some statement sleeves.  From here on in, the blue stripey linen will be known as ‘sleeve fabric’ as that’s all I’ve ever used it for (see it’s first outing here).


The sleeves are probably my favourite part of this top, but if you thinking about a sleeveless version, Pattern Fantastique has you covered.  They have just released a free sleevelss pattern hack with new pattern piece and step-by-step instructions.  Rosie from Artworker Projects has a fabulous sleeveless Celestial Dress in her wardrobe; it’s bold, beautiful and very inspiring.

For a total change of topic… it’s very hard taking photos on a windy day!



Pattern:  Pattern Fantastique’s Celestial Dress (top length)
10 through the shoulders graded to a 12 in the bust and back to a 10 at the hips
Linen from Tessuti (stripes and plain orange) and The Drapery (textured orange)
Sizing (as explained above) and a wedge was removed from the back neckline to eliminate gape.
Accessories:  Necklace and bangle by Sonia Rykel (both purchased here) & shoes from Zomp.


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  • I appreciate your candour about fitting issues. Your suggestions are very helpful.

    • An FBA (or a cheats FBA like this one!) and the high rounded shoulder adjustment are usual modifications for me. Our bodies are all unique and I find adjusting for fit is both challenging and rewarding. It does get easier with practice!

  • I love the sleeves! Gorgeous colour linen too – I do love your statement tops 😉

    • I wore this top on Friday & received a lot of compliments from the mums at school. I thought it might be a bit too edgy, but apparently not! Sometimes statement tops are hard to gauge.

  • Damn, I’ve got the flatter chest but the rest of me would be too big for that size 10! Look forward to seeing your next dozen of these, it does look a very comfortable, flattering pattern.

  • Very nice pattern but not for me. I did go the drapery though 😄naughty me . Anna I love your pics and am fascinated by the settings you choose . Very easy on the eye.

    • Thanks Mem. I can’t take too much credit for the photo locations. Although I’m getting so much braver about being photographed in public! I send snaps of the garments to my photographer friend & she scouts locations. The last two posts & the next two were photographed in Ballarat last Tuesday on a windy day!

  • I can totally understand the appeal – I love the shoulders (I guess you can iron them turned up if you want?), the top length is very stylish on, and I can imagine it must be a lot of fun to mix up and sew coordinating fabrics (though I’d find that fabric mixing very, very hard!). And those linked versions – you’re convincing me I *need* this pattern!!

    If you don’t yet have a more local (ie Melbourne) taker for your earlier version which is a bit smaller in the bust, I think it would fit me (91cm bust – check! with loose fit around waist – check!) and it’s orangeness appeals to me incredibly…

    • You are a few hours too late Gabrielle. My sister-in-law claimed the orange top late arvo yesterday. At the time I made her promise if she doesn’t wear it she needs to return it. If it comes back it’s yours. And yes, the sleeves can be rolled back. Hopefully it’s still warm enough in Sydney for summer sewing. I’m starting to focus on transeasonal items…

  • What an interesting pattern, I love the shapes it creates. Am off to look at the other ladies versions now.

  • So great to see the orange linen made up Anna! I love your fabric combos.

  • Hells yes to stripes sleeves of awesomeness! I love this on you, Anna! And epic work with the stealth FBA! 😀

    • In my books, statement sleeves require statement fabric! That stealth FBA was actually a little bit of work but it was well worth the effort. More stealth FBAing on my next project. Stay tuned…

  • I LOVE everything you make, you have a fabulous style abc this pattern is a real winner on you. I’m decidedly bigger than you, but I’m still very tempted by this pattern! Looking forward to your next versions!

  • I’m torn between my love for this top and your fabulous necklace. Seeing as I can’t decide I will go ahead and say the entire outfit is fantastic and your photoshoots are magazine worthy!

    I’ve been liking the look of this pattern and am considering it as a top as I fear my short stature will be dwarfed by it’s length as a dress. I’ll add it to the “think about” list and see how I get on?

  • Those sleeves! Utter perfection. I love the colour blocked version, it’s so you. And bugger me if I didn’t miss out on the earlier version. That’ll teach me to get behind on my blog reading. I think this pattern might have to make its sneaky way into my stash…

    • I am very partial to colour blocking. It’s actually a bit addictive! Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything. The first version was just ‘grammed’ not blogged. 😀

  • Oh Anna! Thank you again for not only making such a great version but sharing it too. Makes my day to see. You’re looking good, pants are a winning match.