The ant’s pants


Meet Joni.  Joni is a track pant from StyleArc with a slightly dropped crotch, curved leg seam and long leg cuffs.  I sewed Joni (we are on first name basis now!) today on my sewing machine as I didn’t bring my overlocker on holidays with me.  I’m nearing the end of my fourth annual winter beach holiday with Sharon and our girls.  After 20 weeks apart, we’ve had a great catch-up, cracking weather and lots of walking, cups of tea and champagne.  Neither of us are ready to go home yet.


Regular readers would know that I rarely sew for my bottom half, but 2020 is a topsy-turvy year and Blogless Anna pant sewing is underway out of need!  I currently only own one pair of track pants (these) without holes in the knees.


Did anyone say pockets?  The Joni Knit Track Pant has slant pockets which I just can’t help but slide my hands in… and



patch pockets on the back.


The back pockets are probably more decorative than functional, but they were fun to sew.  I used the 10mm glue backed tape (from my online shop) to assist with turning the raw edges under and holding the pockets in place before top-stitching.  When I make these again, I’ll photograph a little pocket tutorial for you.


Did you spot the faux fly?  See my Instagram story for more details on basting a top-stitching guide in different coloured thread, from the wrong side.


I also skipped the drawstring cord, as life is too short for things that aren’t functional!  That’s a polite way of saying, I can be lazy.


My cuffs are a little shorter than drafted as I made a cutting error.  I accidentally cut the cuffs with the greater stretch running lengthwise rather than widthwise.  Easily fixed, but it does mean my cuffs are 5/8″ (1.5cm) shorter than drafted but I’m okay with that!


And just one last shot of my rear to finish this post… You’re welcome!


Pattern:  Style Arc’s Joni Knit Track Pant
French terry (97% cotton & 3% elastane) in the demin colourway with matching ribbing from MaaiDesign.
Slightly shorter cuffs due to a cutting error.  I also skipped the drawstring.
Accessories:  Jumper from Scarlet Jones (many years ago) and scarf knitted by me!
Location:  Blue Hole, Warrnambool


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  • I’m inspired to make some ‘homey’ track pants. Like you Anna, I only have one RTW pair of track pants that has been getting more regular wear than normal. I was considering the Hudson, but read your review and the low rise which made me go “hmmm”. These look like the bomb. and with pockets, which my current pair don’t have, which is a pain.

    • I was really pleased with this pattern. I’m going to wear them next week on my next winter beach holiday (yeah… I’m totally spoilt).