Tessuti’s Lily Linen Dress in Mustard Maize

Tessuti’s Lily Linen Dress in Mustard Maize

I finished my Tessuti Lily Linen Dress in Mustard Maize on Sunday morning and wore it to a lunchtime family function.  Nothing like a deadline to spur you on!

It was my first time working with linen and it was a dream to sew.  Although my bust size suggested otherwise, I cut out the small as I had found this to be the best fit for me in the  Gabby Dress – it was perfect for the Lily too.

The pattern was a stretch for my confident beginner sewing skills, but the instructions were clear and it came together without incident.  The pockets took me a while to nut out (ie. it took numerous readings and re-readings of the instruction and lots of peering at the photos).  I’m so glad I persisted (I almost left them off) as they really make the dress.

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