Sew Japanese in January : Fine lines

Pattern R from a Japanese Sewing Book by Tomomi Okawa with a translated title of “Simple Wardrobe” [ISBN 978-4-579-11395-8]

Oversized boxy linen tops are my totally my jam… always have been, always will be!

I’ve recently expanded my demin collection to include a relaxed RTW pair of jeans (I’m always a little late to the party!) and these jeans have given me a chance to explore some new silhouettes.  It’s a subtle style shift, but I’m enjoying wearing oversized tops with relaxed bottoms.


But enough of the style talk, it’s time for me to spill the beans on my second #sewjapaneseinjanuary make for 2021.


This pattern is from a Japanese Sewing Book by Tomomi Okawa with a translated title of “Simple Wardrobe” [ISBN 978-4-579-11395-8].


I’ve sewn Pattern R (for the second time… first blog post here) which Google Translate informs me is known as ‘Yoke Switching Pullover’.



I’m not sure about the ‘switching’ part of the title, but the style lines show a yoke with a very forward shoulder seam.  The top also sports two super sweet tucks on the back sleeve.



It’s a single-sized pattern and I’ve sewn it without alteration.  It’s definitely roomy on me, and I feel it needs an accessory (like my scarf) to ensure I’m wearing the top and the top isn’t wearing me!



My favourite thing about this make is how the pin stripes accentuate the style lines.  And of course, I had to pattern match the back yoke!


When I sewed this last time I felt the back yoke stretched out a little.  For this version I stay-stitched the yoke, and guess what, I think I got the same result.  Oh well, it’s the back and I don’t have to look at it!


I’m super pleased I gave this pattern a second run.


Pattern:  Pattern R from a Japanese sewing book with a translated title of “Simple Wardrobe” by Tomomi Okawa [ISBN 978-4-579-11395-8]
Size:  Single-sized pattern
Fabric:  Linen from The Cloth Shop
Alterations: None!
Outfit:  Jeans from Scarlet Jones (on sale) and a Sophie Digard Scarf from eCasa
Photo Location:  Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne


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