Duplicating an old favourite


This time last year I was blogging a Linden Sweatshirt made from Liberty of London Linford Fleece.  That jumper has been the most worn item of clothing that I’ve made… and probably one of the most complimented too!

Grainline Studio's Linden Sweatshirt

When The Fabric Store announced it was stocking Liberty Sweatshirting excitement levels at Blogless Anna headquarters were high, and it was only a matter of days until I was in-store purchasing some fleece.  I know it’s not cheap, but if you do the cost per wear calculation, it makes it a little less scary.  There are always ways to justify fabric purchases!


Liberty Sweatshirting comes in two weights… the lighter Murray Loopback and the warmer Linford Fleece which has a slightly fluffy wrong side.  As I feel the cold, I selected a print from the Linford Fleece range.  I think it’s safe to say that I will be ‘brightening’ up lots of cold grey Melbourne days!


The pattern is my TNT Linden Sweatshirt sans the bottom band.  For this version, I add 3 inches to the length of the front and back pieces, and secured the one inch bottom hem with a twin needle.


Liberty fleece is 100% cotton and has minimal stretch, and the Linden Sweatshirt is drafted for fabric with a minimum of 20% stretch.  I therefore added 1.5″ (4cm) to the length of the neckband and 1″ (2.5cm) to the cuffs.  Please note, I trace and cut my patterns in full, as opposed to on the fold, so you might need to adjust these amount depending on your cutting preference.


The verdict… I may never take this off!


Pattern:  Grainline’s Linden Sweatshirt (pdf & paper)
Liberty Linford Fleece – Kindle from The Fabric Store (purchased in Melbourne, but available online)
Shortened the sleeves by a total of 2″ (5 cm).  Added length 1.5″ (4cm) to the neckband and 1″ (2.5cm) to the cuffs to account for the lack of stretch in the fleece.  Left off the hem band.  Added 3″ to the length of the front and back pieces and secured the one inch bottom hem with a twin needle.
Accessories:  Japanese scarf from Scarlet Jones and boots from Florsheim.
Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne



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  • What a lovely bright sweatshirt for a grey day!

    • Thanks Trish. We are having many grey and wet days at the moment so I expect it will get lots of wear.

  • Lovely! Love how the print seems like a solid from afar.

    • It does Trish. It’s hard to believe that there is red, pink and purple in the pattern. Those liberty people sure know what they are doing!

  • Such a gorgeous colour to brighten those laneways!

    • I love a Melbourne laneway Katherine, but you’re right they sure need brightening up. These photos were taken in the drizzling rain and the water was running down the middle of the laneway. The things we do for blog photos!

  • Those liberty fleeces look so snuggly, such a cheery colour too ;o)

    • Snuggly and cheery are perfect descriptions for my new sweatshirt. I just want to wear it all the time!

  • Perfect garment to brighten up a winters day.

  • It’s such a glorious print and such a great fit for you! I must get my fleece into wear…. I’m still very undecided which pattern to use but I think I’ll go with the new look in the end…..

    • You must… get onto it lady! The fleece is so snuggly and the cold and wet has arrived in Melbourne town….

  • It’s beautiful, Anna! I have withheld from the Liberty fleece so far but I did splurge on some Liberty CDC. It’s so tempting having it all available down the road isn’t it.

    • Although the temptation can be very bad, we really are so lucky to have access to such wonderful fabrics.

  • That is such a pretty and practical sweatshirt.

  • Great minds!! I love that you also chose a Melbourne lane to dodge the showers in, oh the lengths we go to 😉 You know how much I adore your first Liberty Linden, at cost per wear they’re definitely manageable! It’s wonderful how we personalise each pattern, your looks wonderful on you and oh, so, perfectly snuggly 😉

    • I had the same thought when I saw you version… I love it how we both personalised the same pattern to suit our bodies & tastes. And yes, oh so perfeclty snuggly. Can you guess what I’ll be wearing this weekend?

  • Even though it’s in the 80s and 90s here, I couldnt resist this when I saw it. I love ordering from TFS because they send overnight to the US and the exchange rate is in my favor. Thanks for previewing this….I love it without the band; it looks more sweater like! This and the orange Linden look great on you!

    • This northern/southern hemisphere weather does throw me. If I had a choice I would be sewing summer all year around! But since that’s not the case I’m very pleased to have a some cosy Lindens to see me through to spring.

  • Your two Linford fleece tops are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for the pattern suggestion. Did you find the fleece easy to sew with for these tops?

    • Yes, the fleece was a delight to sew with. It didn’t have a lot of stretch, so was more like a woven than a knit fabric.