Bunny Bag

Bunny Bag

More distractions… a Bunny Bag this time!


I made this bag as a thank-you present for a friend who helped me get all dolled up for a ball (a black tie function at Miss A’s school) last night.  No, I didn’t make my frock.  I was a little too scared to make a full length gown in a slinky material!

Now back to the bag…


The Bunny Bag by The Maker’s Journal is a fun little project that uses very little fabric.  The bag is designed to be worn on your wrist, sort of like a corsage!

I wanted the bag to maintain it’s lovely shape (and there is no interfacing used) so I used medium weight cotton/linen purchased as a remnant from from Kelani Fabric Obsession.  The fabric is striped on one side and spotty on the other!  I used the stripes as the main fabric and the spots are supposed to be the lining.  I say ‘supposed to be’ as the bag is fully reversible.  I must admit I like the spots/stripe combo best, but it’s always good to have options!



The bag comes together quickly…  well…  that is until it’s time for the hand stitching the handle to the lining.  I’m such a slow hand-stitcher.  But don’t be put off, the hand-stitching is what makes the bag reversible and in my opinion that is oh so worth it!

Here is the Bunny Bag happily with it’s new and very happy owner.


I’m off now to hunt through my scraps tub to see if any more Bunny Bag combinations are hiding in there…

Pattern:  Bunny Bag by The Makers’ Journal
Size:  NA
Fabric:  Reversible (stripes/spots) medium weight cotton/linen purchased as a remnant from from Kelani Fabric Obsession
Alterations:  None

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