Bonus week & a merino infinitely scarf

Bonus week & a merino infinitely scarf

Last week didn’t go according to plan.  My Frocktails dress didn’t get made and I didn’t get to the event.  But I did manage to squeeze in some fabric shopping on Saturday with Kat and some of the lovely interstate sewists who were in town for Frocktails.  Yes, yes, more fabric was purchased (like I need more fabric!) and it’s all been washed and is ready to be used.  I might have to go back for some lovely rayon that I just couldn’t decide on at the time.

And that lovely beach holiday in Queensland… well, we had to cancel as Miss A is recovering from a really bad double ear infection and she is unable to fly (yes, there was lots of tears).  We are now having a bonus week.  A week when everything thinks were on holidays and we’re hanging out at home and being quiet.  Yep, no school, no kinder, no music lesson and no things we ‘have’ to do.  Bliss.

So with my bonus week, I’m hoping to get into some mending and my UFO pile.  I’m hoping to have no UFOs by the time we move house later in the year.  I’ve already finished two pairs of leggings for the girls (like these) and I’ve moved onto a half made Racerback Dress (like this one) which was started in January.

I also had a go at making an infinitely scarf yesterday.  My first effort, when I decided I didn’t need instructions and could work it out myself, ended up being a long narrow tube.  I mistakenly joined short ends of the pink merino jersey (a remnant purchased during Saturday’s fabric shopping trip) before the long sides…  Adelaide has claimed the pink cowl as her own, which is wonderful as I can’t be bothered unpicking it.

With the help of this True Bias tutorial, attempt two, in a mustard merino with a very subtle self stripe, was much more successful.




Pattern:  True Bias’ Infinitely Scarf Tutorial
One size
2/3 yard (0.6 metres) x (60 inches) 150cm wide merino jersey (purchased from The Fabric Store ) for each scarf
Alterations:  I slip stitched, rather than machine stitched, closed the opening

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