Hood Hat


Last week I posted some pieces of quilted Liberty on Instagram and there was some excellent guessing relating to what I was making, but no-one could work out exactly what I was up too.  Drum roll… the Liberty I was quilting was for the lining of my new Hood Hat!


I do like a bit of quirky in my wardrobe and the recently released Hood Hat by The Maker’s Journal tickled my fancy.  I thought it would be a quick, fun, little project and I had the perfect sized navy wool remnant in my stash.


Was the project fun?  Yes.


Was the project quick?  Ah… no.  Well, not when you quilt your own fabric!


I haven’t done any quilting before and I found it very satisfying, but also rather time consuming.  That being said, I now what to quilt everything!

Hood Hat - Quilted Lining

The Maker’s Journal have a detailed Quilting Your Own Fabric tutorial on their blog, which I used as a guide. I quilted my diagonal lines (in two directions) 2.5cm (1 inch) apart and used just normal polyester thread (and LOTS of it) rather than the top-sitching thread suggested in the tutorial.  I chalked all my lines, increased my stitch length and my walking foot moved over the bulky layers with ease.


The Maker’s Journal includes a swatch of the suggested fabrics with each of their patterns, which is such a nice touch.  This time the swatch was very helpful in reassuring me, an inexperienced quilter, that I had the right batting (or do you call it wadding?) for the task at hand.


I took my lead from the pattern designer and had my buttonholes hand stitched by a tailor.  It was expensive, but oh so worth it.  These buttonholes are are nothing short of perfect.  The lady at The Tailor’s Garments in Ivanhoe told me that she used to work in the made-to-measure menswear section in Myer 30 years ago.  Her previous experience of hand sewing buttons on a daily basis still shines through in her work today.


The verdict.  I like my Hood Hat.  I can see myself wearing it with this collarless coat and my most recent Liberty Linden.  I’m more of a hood-down-kind-of-girl, but if the weather turns bad I will have options.  And in my books, options are always good!




Pattern:  The Maker’s Journal Hood Hat
One size fits all
Wool remnant from deep in the stash (possibly from Tessuti), Liberty from Shaukat, Bamboo wadding from Spotlight & buttons from The Cloth Shop
Accessories:  Coat purchased from Obus in the sales last year but similar here.
Nurses Walk, The Rocks, Sydney



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  • It’s absolutely lovely! When you have the hood down, does the buttoned up neck strangle you at all? Asking for a friend (OK, me) who has issues with things around her neck.

    • Good question Michelle. If you are sensitive to things around your neck, then this isn’t the pattern for you. The weight of the hood means the curved section above the buttons touches your neck.

  • What a great idea! I don’t know why it’s taken so long to appear…… But a hood hat is so logical! I love your lining 🙂 that definitely upgrades the whole project. However I’m surprised that you get weather cold enough in Australia?

    • I agree Trish, why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Australia is known for it’s sun, but our winters in Melbourne can cold, not UK cold, but I suppose it’s all relative isn’t it?

      • Yes, you are right. At the moment we are getting a burst of summer heat, all of 30deg C but I bet you would call that a nice summer’s day, whereas we have a weather warning for heat out! 😄

  • So cute! So versatile! I love your quilting, it’s beautiful. And I’m DELIGHTED by the buttonholes! Look forward to a close scrutinisation!

  • This a great garment . Those buttonholes are beautiful . Does she have a special machine ?

    • Can you believe Mem that she does the by hand! The quilted lining made it too thick for a machine to be used. I think the hand-sewn nature of the buttonholes makes them even more beautiful don’t you?

  • Haha you wear this well. Very stylish!

  • I really like it! I’m also a hood down kind of girl, but I reckon I’d be tempted to wear this one up. I love the quilting and it looks so great with your Obus coat. Love Obus too.

  • Your HOOD HAT looks amazing and the buttonholes!!!
    Pamela, The Makers’ Journal

  • What a fabulous idea. I immediately want one, and want to quilt some Liberty! Thank you.

  • What a fabulous idea! I immediately want one and want to quilt some Liberty. Thank you.

  • Did you find the metal arm thingy that should come with your walking foot?
    Very cute hood. A bit Mawson in the antarctic and a bit avant garde on the streets of Paris. Perfect Anna mix! 🙂