Anita Ponti Pants #2

Anita Ponti Pants #2

It looks like I’ve joined the patterned pants movement.  In fact, I’ve embraced it wholeheartedly… rabbits, ducks, butterflies and flowers!


Pattern:  Tessuti’s Anita Ponti Pants
Size:  An 8 through the legs and hips, but graded to a 10 in the waist (to accommodate my full tummy and thick waist)
Fabric:   Peter Rabbit Green Ponti Knit from Tessuti (now sold out)
Alterations:  The sizing, as mentioned above.  After the twin needles problems encountered last time I made these pants, I opted to use the the stretch stitch on my machine (the one that looks like a lightening bolt) to secure the waistband.


I haven’t tried pattern matching before.  In fact, I’ve avoided it like the plague until now.  My rabbits aren’t perfectly lined up like Lisa’s, but I’m still quite pleased with the result.



These pants are super comfortable, warm, quick & easy to make.  Happiness rating (stealing a category out of Roobeedoo’s Me-Made-May outfit analysis) is… VERY HIGH.

That’s all for now…


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