My first, and definitely not my last, Briar

My first, and definitely not my last, Briar

What do we have here?


Hang on a minute, this outfit featured in yesterday’s post about my navy ponti skirt.  Wait… is that an orange Briar hiding behind that scarf?  A change of outfit might give us a better glimpse.


Well, hello Briar.  I ummed and ahhed about you for a long time as I was not sure about the high/low hem, but I needn’t have.  You’re made of great stuff.

Megan Nielsen’s Briar Sweater & T-Shirt comes with a cropped and full length version.  This length is right between the two, and dare I say, just perfect for me.  Gosh that sun was bright.  Anyone for a game of peekaboo?


I’m feeling rather smitten with my Briar.  I’ve had a great look through my overwhelming fabric stash today, and I see a yellow Briar in my near future.  I do love a bit of colour at the moment!

Pattern:  Megan Nielsen’s Briar Sweater & T-shirt Sewing Pattern
Size:  L
Fabric:  Mystery sweater/jumper knit from Darn Cheap Fabrics.  Brought as a remnant – 1.5 metres for $12 (bargin!).
Alterations:  I omitted the pocket as my bust doesn’t need any more attention!  The hem length is the halfway point between the cropped the full length version.

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