You’re the one that I want…

You’re the one that I want…

As Olivia Newton-John once sang… you’re the one that I want oh oh ohhh.


The Olivia Oversized Tee is a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I usually make a muslin for all my creations but this time Lara did it for me!


Lara and I caught up one Friday evening last month and we played dress-ups for hours (maybe a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea) and I’m inspired to try a few new patterns.  First cab off the rank was Maria Denmark’s Olivia Oversized Tee.


I followed Lara’s alterations to a ‘T’.  This is a medium with 3/4 sleeves and all waist shaping removed as I don’t like clothes clinging to my thickish waist!  The length is that of the extra small, but in hindsight it’s just a little long for my personal preference.  I’ve already removed an inch off the bottom of the pattern for next time… Actually next time has already happened.  I’m a little behind with my blogging, but if you are an Instagram follower you’ve probably already caught a glimpse of my colour blocked version!


I love the relaxed and flattering fit of this top.  Thanks again for the inspiration Lara!

Pattern:  Maria Denmark’s Olivia Oversized Tee
Size:  Medium
Fabric:  Super soft cotton jersey from Clear It (Alanah Hill) Outlet
Alterations:  Removed all waist shaping by drawing a straight line from the short sleeve underarm cutting line to the hips.
Accessories:  Scarf and beads from Scarlett Jones


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