It’s all about sleeves

It’s all about sleeves

I feel like I’m on a little bit of a sewing journey at the moment.  I’m either taking a pattern that works for me and then trying it in different fabrics (like here and here) or adjusting a TNT pattern to create a slightly new look.  This make was all about the Scout Woven Tee and it’s sleeves.



To create a gathered hem sleeve (yes, it has a name!) I consulted Pattern Cutting Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Introduction by Gillian Holman.  The book assumes you are altering a basic block and gives you simple step-by-step instructions supported by easy-to-follow diagrams.  This book is a recent purchase and I love it!



I printed out and assembled a Scout sleeve (one of the benefits of pdf patterns!) and straightened the curved hem before following the cut and spread approached as outlined in Holman’s pattern cutting book.  My final sleeve piece looked just like figure three in the book.  Woo hoo!


Inspired by Judith from Tessuti, I decided to use the selvege of this stunning yarn dyed linen to create as a feature cuff on the sleeves.  I thought it might be a bit quirky, but to tell you the truth I’m not sure.


Actually, I’m not sure about these sleeves full stop.  I wished that I had gathered a sleeve a little more and made the cuffs smaller so they fitted my arms more snugly.  I might even go back and redo them.

Even though I feel a little bit like a professional footballer (choose your own code) in this top, I’m sure to wear it when warmer weather hits the southern hemisphere as this linen is too good not to be worn and enjoyed.


Pattern:  Grainline Studio’s Scout Woven Tee
Yarb dyed linen remnant from Tessuti (Melbourne Store)
I completed an FBA (see details here) and used a slash and spread method to create a gathered hem sleeve
Accessories:  Sophie Digard scarf from Scarlett Jones

And I’ll bid you farewell with my ‘don’t mess with me’ look!


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