Back-to-back success

Back-to-back success


I’m not one to walk away from a cutting accident…  In fact, I embraced this one wholeheartedly.  I now have a colour blocked top which I like to think of as a happy accident.


Two weeks ago I was tidying up my sewing space and I came across my traced Olivia Oversized Tee and I decide to shorten it (as per my previous Olivia post) before packing it away.  I removed the required 1 inch off the front and back, and before I knew it, I was cutting out another one.  This pattern has that effect on you!


The stripes are from an ex-designer fabric store which is no longer exists.  When purchasing this fabric I was told it was from the boys range at Seed (a clothing brand in Australia). The fabric has been in the stash for a long time.  Yah for stash busting!


I didn’t have enough fabric to cut a back and front as per the pattern, but I remembered Lara’s trick of piecing together your fabric and including a centre back seam.  My brilliant thought was then squashed when I discovered the hard way that two left sides do not make a whole!


Thankfully, the stash yielded some viscose/lycra that was a good match in weight and colour.  I also decided to use the brown on the neck and hem bands.  This meant there was only two seams (shoulder and side) to stripe match.


I secured the neckline seam with a twin needle and decided, purely for decorative reasons, to do the same with the shoulder seams.


Pattern:  Maria Denmark’s Olivia Oversized Tee
Size:  Medium
Fabric:  Cotton/lycra and viscose/lycra from the stash
Alterations:  Removed all waist shaping by drawing a straight line from the short sleeve underarm cutting line to the hips.  Added a seam allowance to the centre back, cut the back in two pieces and joined them together before constructing the top as per the instructions.  This version is 1 inch shorter than the xs hem cutting line.
Accessories:  Sophie Digard scarf from Scarlett Jones

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