Old London Town

Old London Town

I’m currently sewing some unseasonal garments for an upcoming European family adventure.  We’ll be visiting friends, taking in the sites and without a doubt I will be visiting the holy grail of liberty… Liberty of London.


Can you see the goose bumps on my arms?  These photos were taken in Ballarat (1.5 hours from Melbourne) which is known for its cold winters.  It snowed in Ballarat last week!  Anyway, on a 10 degree day I was braving the elements to record another quirky liberty garment.


Longtime readers of my blog know that I love mixing my liberty prints.  And my recent Scout obsession is well documented.  This top combines the two.  It’s a Scout Woven Tee with an extra sleeve ruffle.  Have I gone too far?  Is it too much?


The ruffle is based on this Japanese pattern.  Interestingly, the sleeves pattern pieces for both the Scout and the Japanese pattern were very similar, which gave me confidence to proceed without a muslin.  Admittedly, I have sewn but not overlocked the sleeves in place.  I just wanted to see how this garment photographed before fully committing!


The main fabric is Richard & Lyla and is full of London icons – Big Ben, Tower Bridge, river Thames, red phone booths, plus sunflowers, aeroplanes, dogs, gardeners and a blimp!  Such a summery and fun print.



Pattern:  Grainline Studio’s Scout Woven Tee
Liberty of London from OdetteTessuti & eBay
I completed an FBA (see details here) and added a ruffle using this pattern as a guide.
Accessories:  Vintage necklace purchased at an Antique Fair and Artiga Espadrilles from Scarlett Jones


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  • The ruffle is very fun. I think if you meet The Queen whilst shopping in Liberty of London she’d totally give you the nod of approval.

  • That London Liberty fabric is fun! I’ve been doing the same this week, prior to the long haul flight, trip to Liberty planned as well – photographing the Grainline tank during the Canberra winter. Enjoy your trip.

  • I love the fact I now get to travel regularly to London, so much fun! and while I highly suggest going to Liberty because well…Liberty. I also suggest trying here http://www.shaukat.co.uk/ it’s over towards Harrods so not near to where Liberty/Oxford st etc is but it’s only a few tube stops away. I was meant to go on my last trip but illness got the better of me. Not to be totally undone I spent the money I normally spend on the train fare to London on fabric and got it delivered.

    • Good tip Susan. I think of Shaukat as an online store and I hadn’t even considered it was a bricks and mortar too. Merchant and Mill would also be fabulous to visit, but I not sure if the family will let me fit that one in too! This is after all a family holiday and not a fabric buying trip… Tee hee…

  • I love this top, especially the London print, and your holiday sounds like lots of fun. I second the Shaukat suggestion – it’s the funniest shop, it specialises in headscarves, nighties and Liberty print, but the range of Liberty is fabulous – I found things there like the wool/cotton blend and corduroy that weren’t stocked at Liberty HQ. It’s in South Ken, so can be tied in with a trip to the V&A or Natural History Museum (the Science Museum is excellent for kids too… perhaps you could park the family there for a little while and duck off?)
    [If the smallest is set on meeting the Queen she might enjoy Paddington at the Palace… and A Walk in London and Mr Chicken Lands on London could be fun to read before you go.]

  • I really like the ruffle . I have used one which is circle ruffle on the bottom of a sleeve . I am taller and larger than you so feel I can’t get away with a gathered ruffle . Might see u in London!,

    • Thanks Mem. A circle ruffle might be a little less sticky-outy than the gathered one I’ve used. I will definitely keep that in mind for next time. And yes, I’m sure there will be a next time! 🙂

  • Take her to Buck house. If the royal standard is up then she can wave to the Queen. If you see the Union Flag then HM won’t be home. Oh dear!

    You create & wear Liberty so well.

  • Your photos always rock out- I love them! And a brave lady taking this rad top out in the cold to get photos. The frill totes makes it!

  • I admire your bravery. Ballarat must be one of the coldest places in the country. Oh, and I admire the top, too. Fun use of a fun fabric. Ticks all my boxes.

    • Thanks Felicity. The things that I do for blog photos. We shot three different tops in three locations (with three trips back to my friends house for costume changes!) in the cold… so more bravery to come!

  • Anna, I’ve recently returned to sewing and have really been enjoying seeing your creations. I think this version of Scout tee looks fabulous. I love the Scout too and may have to adapt your ideas in the future!

  • Her Maj might order a ruffle sleeve, mixed Liberty print Scout, if she sees yours! Definitely make a trip to Goldhawk Rd while you’re there! And wear a Liberty Scout when you visit the mother store!

  • Now you’ve mentioned the unseasonal sewing… I’ve just totally freaked at the realisation you’ve been taking all these photos in the chill! Brrrrr. On my flight over to New York last year… I sat next to a very chatty lady who was going over to meet her bf from high school (sans children) who was apparently flying in from Paris to spend the week with her. I got the impression she sounded important… so I asked what her friend did. Um, the CEO of Liberty. I don’t think she quite understood why I got so excited!

    • It was so frightfully cold, but oh so worth it! That’ll teach me for unseasonal sewing! The CEO of Liberty… OMG! Now that is exciting. I hope your NY trip isn’t too much of a distant memory 🙂

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