You Sew Girl – Market Apron

You Sew Girl – Market Apron

A pattern testing gig for Nicole Mallalieu temporarily halted some selfish Spring top sewing, but resulted in me making myself a fancy Market Apron.


The apron is designed for stall-holders at craft markets and fetes.  It has not one, but two, hidden zipper pockets to stash all that money you’re making!


For me, these were zips numbers three and four, and I have to say, I’m not scared of them anymore!  Granted, they were made much easier this time by the recent purchase of a generic Brother zipper foot.  I mistakenly thought all zipper foots were the same until I read Nikki’s blog post on the subject.  My machine came with a snap-on zipper foot that has a chunky back, making it impossible to navigate around zips, piping etc…  What were the sewing machine designers thinking?

Now this make wasn’t without frustration, but the fault was mine, and mine alone.  I mistakenly (read here, I shouldn’t be sewing late at night) added the zips, facings and all, to the pocket pieces rather than the apron pieces.  Thanks to me, the instruction where I wasn’t paying appropriate levels of attention, will now have a big ‘Apron Piece’ plastered over the corresponding photo!  My error meant re-cutting the pocket pieces and facings, and basically going back to the start, but it was well worth the effort.

The fabrics were both remnants purchased from Kelani Fabric Obsession.  It was a great little stash busting project.


Want/need your own Market Apron?  The pattern can be purchased and downloaded here.

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