Smug, shrug or dress?

Smug, shrug or dress?

Smug, shrug or dress?  This post has it all.  Let’s start with smug.  Yes, I’m rather pleased with myself!


Readers, I did I really rare thing.  I had an event to attend – Nicole Mallalieu’s The Better Bag Maker book launch) – and I planned an outfit in my head, brought the fabric, washed my purchases, located the patterns, cut out the fabric and sewed up two garments.  What’s so unusual about this you might ask?  I think it would be fair to say I’m easily distracted and I always have more plans than time!

Let’s start with the dress….


This is the second time I’ve sewn You Sew Girl’s Draped T-Dress and it definitely won’t be the last.  For this version I purchased the most delicious 100% merino wool (medium weight) from The Fabric Store.  It’s the perfect fabric to showcase the pattern.  And the colour …delicious!


Pattern:  You Sew Girl’s Draped T-Dress (available here)
100% merino wool (medium weight) from The Fabric Store
I used a 1/2″ shoulder seams (rather than just overlocking the edges) to slightly reduce the scoop of the neckline.  I shortened the dress near the hem by 1 1/2 inches
Accessories:  Uimi Indiana Scarf (a new favourite) purchased from A Quirk of Fate

To turn this dress into an outfit, I made myself a shrug.  Have you notice the beginnings of a shrug-o-lution?  Evidence can be seen here, here, here and here.  Are you tempted to join?


Everytime I put this outfit on, I feel great.  I’ve already worn it three times – to a cocktail party, a book launch and a dinner with some girlfriends – win, win, win!


The shrug is made from another 100% merino wool (medium weight) from The Fabric Store.  For a very easy make, this was a slow one, as I painstakingly (and reasonably successfully) attempted to match the chevrons (not shown).


I’ve been wearing the shrug casually too.


It’s an easy (and warm) layer to through over a simple shirt and jeans combo.  In my eyes, it’s just a fancy caridgan!


Pattern:  Pattern No 4 from May Me (Japanese pattern book)
One size
100% merino wool (medium weight) from The Fabric Store
Accessories:  Black necklace (worn with dress) from Scarlett Jones and teal necklace (worn with shirt) from Elk.


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