Tessuti’s Anita Ponti Pants

Tessuti’s Anita Ponti Pants

Tessuti’s Anita Ponti Pants pattern was released last night and I’ve already made myself a wearable muslin even thought I’ve been out all day!  Woo hooo…


Needless to say, this was a quick project.  I downloaded the pattern last night, taped it together and traced it out before bed.  I cut it out this morning before the food shop and it was sewed up between school pick-up and dinner, which included lots of interruptions from Miss A and Miss B.


Pattern – Tessuti’s Anita Ponti Pants
Size – An 8 through the legs and hips, but graded to a 10 in the waist (to accommodate my full tummy and thick waist)
Fabric –  1.1 metres of dark navy ponti (which looks black in the photos) which was purchased as a remnant late last year.

This projects has two firsts – I MADE MYSELF A PAIR OF PANTS and I sewed with ponti.  I’m so pleased to have jumped that first pair of pants hurdle…  I know these are simple, but you’ve got to start somewhere right?


The instructions for this pattern were great and easy to follow.  What did I do differently?

  1. I opted to lift the cutting knife on my overlocker when attaching the elastic to the waist of the pants (personal preference)
  2. After breaking TWO twin needles when attempting to enclose the elastic to form a waistband (and this was when using the hand wheel to move the needle up and down!) I decided that my machine wasn’t enough of a work horse to manage a twin needle, thick ponti seams and the elastic.  I therefore switched back to a single jersey needle and used a stretch stitch on my machine (the one that looks like a lightening bolt).  It worked a treat and no-one will ever see it!

And the fit?  I’m VERY impressed with the fit.  There is probably a little excess fabric in the side seams (see a couple of wrinkles in the close up photos) on this make, but as Colette explains at the start of the pattern you will need to adjust your size depending on the thickness of the ponti.  And we have to remember these are supposed to be pants and not leggings, so I’m going to call this a very wearable muslin.  Hip hip hooray!

I’m off to make some more ponti pants…


Well actually not right now, I have some girls to get to bed, but these pants are so comfy and warm I can see I’ll want to wear them all Autumn and Winter.  I’ve already purchased fabric for not one, but two more pairs!

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