Parcel in the post

Parcel in the post

One of my dear friends, who is not a sewer or a crafter, currently lives a good 2.5 hours drive from my house.  Earlier this week, I received an unexpected parcel in the post from her full of vintage goodness!


My friend found all these gems, and a few more, in one of her local op shops.  She apparently sorted through a large pile of patterns and selected these ones for me.  Doesn’t she know me well?

After my squeals of delight were over, I was inspired to pull out my knitting.  Yes, our Autumn weather is finally here and it’s cool enough, at times, for me to knit.

You see, I’ve been knitting a Begbie Cowl by Jane Richmond for this same friend since June last year!  Did I mention my friend was patient?  When it comes to knitting with needles (as apposed to using my knitting machine) I’m VERY slow…


The good news is that this project is nearly finished, and while I wait for my friend ‘try it on’ when she visits next month, I’ve cast on a GAP-tastic Cowl.  Here’s hoping that doesn’t take me 10 months to complete!

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