Sunki in spots

Sunki in spots

That Sunki Dress that was on the go… is now finished and I have a very happy girl (and Mum!).  I must admit every-time I caught a glimpse of Miss A today in her dress I couldn’t help but swoon.


I took my time with this project and I’m pleased with the result.  Miss A would like deeper pockets, but that can be remedied next time.  Speaking of pockets, there is a tutorial to assist with construction.


It was my first time putting in a centred zip (I’ve been an invisible zip kind of a girl previously!) and I really like how it turned out.  Mind you this was my second attempt!


I spent a lot of time pattern matching when cutting out and it was well worth the effort.  I’ve avoided pattern matching like the plague previously, but not anymore!

How cute are those pleats on the sleeves?  Yep, I’m still swooning.


It’s the perfect dress for hanging out with friends…


and your little sister…


and even riding your bike.


I think a Sunki is a perfect dress for a every occasion.  What do you think?

Pattern:  Figgy’s Sunki Dress
4-5 with the length of the 6-7.  Miss A is a very petite 6.5 year old and her measurements matched the size 4-5 range.  It’s a perfect fit.
1.4 metres of Japanese Cotton from Tessuti (purchased 18 mths ago).
Alterations:  The sleeves were shortened by 3/4 inch.  The dress was lengthened, see sizing information above.

P.S.  New camera purchased, but I’m still learning how to use it!

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