Scout Dress

Scout Dress

What can I say?  I LOVE Grainline’s Scout Woven Tee pattern.  I’ve made six of them.  Two for me and four as gifts!  The Autumn chill arrived a few months ago and my Scout pattern was packed away.  Then Nicola’s Scout Dress appeared on my blog reader and I knew I needed one too!

Forward thinking Nicola scheduled a Scout Tee to Dress Class at the Handmaker’s Factory and I couldn’t click on that ‘Buy Now’ button quick enough.  I could have muddled through this at home myself, but I knew it would be much quicker with an expert on hand.  And the idea of a full day of uninterrupted sewing… I was sold!


The class did not disappoint!

First up was pattern tracing and alterations.  Nicola talked me through Jen’s Scout Full Back Pattern Tutorial and how to add length to the pattern.  At times during the class I felt like I’d left my sewing brain at home!  I must confess that the pattern preparation took me nearly a third of the class!

I decided to use some seemingly non-precious fabric to toile the dress.  A light grey wool with a little stretch that I found at the Alannah Hill Outlet on Friday.  It was marked as Gorman fabric.  People, this fabric was a dream to sew with and I’ve decided the remaining two metres (thankfully I purchased four!) will be classified as precious.  Not precious enough not to use, but precious enough not to be toiling a pattern with!  The edges of the fabric don’t fray so there was zilch overlocking involved.  Yah for speedier sewing!


My previous Scouts were a size 10, but they were the tiniest bit tight across the back, which was only really noticeable when driving the car!  Apparently, a general rule of thumb is that if you’re using stretch fabric for a woven pattern, you’ll need to go down one size.  I ignored this sage advice, thinking that my fabric didn’t have that much stretch and the stretch that it did have would eliminate the slight tightness across the back.  What can I say, I was VERY wrong!  Some ‘on the fly’ pattern alternations, with Nicola’s expert guidance, were successfully undertaken.  I used a combination of pinning and basting to test my changes.  The final changes were to sew a new armhole seams 1/2 inch from the original seams and to redo the sleeve seams an inch inside the existing seam.


I must admit, I wasn’t so sure about the volume in the dress, so when I got home from the class I measured it against my Gabby Dress (a pre-blogging make) and apart from the short sleeves versus long and the Scout having a more scooped neckline, the dresses are the same!


My Scout Dress has passed the ‘all day’ wearing challenge and I can see it was be on high rotation this winter.  Oh how I love a good sack dress!

Pattern:  Grainline’s Scout Woven Tee made into a dress utilising Jen’s Scout Full Back Pattern Tutorial
2 metres wool (with a little stretch) from the Alannah Hill Outlet
Removed 1/2 inch from the front & back armholes and the sleeve head.  Reduced sleeve underarm seams by 1 inch.

P.S.  My camera gave up the ghost yesterday, so until I get it repaired or replaced, these phone photos will have to do 🙁

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